‘Elitely’ Staying in Touch

It is not the everyday kind of contact with others, it is …

  • The art of staying in touch, on a regular basis, or as deemed proper and agreeable.
  • The art of giving high-class or intelligent social support that is rational, priority, and or relevant to current events,etc.
  • Staying in touch, like with your mother, father, and other family members.
  • It is not like stooping to low levels, to insult or hurt others, as a reason for getting in touch, but to offer support, that is uplifting, encouraging, in the right direction, and hopefully appreciated, or to at least show acceptance, well wishing, check up on status, etc.
  • It may be as a social call, as a follow-up, to check on your progress, and is usually ongoing, without intention of breaking off relations.
  • The one offering may have good intentions, like offer wisdom that is saving, healing, enlightening, or to give you something to laugh about.
  • Not to be threatening or punishing, but to be teaching or showing a better way, as role modeling a better way, giving guidance, or reasoning with, not expecting blind faith.
  • It is putting your TIME and money where your heart is, thusly you care about those you stay in touch with.
  • It is being insightful, and not frightening, but instilling trust, to inspire the act of staying in touch.

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