Hi there!

I’m an aspiring author of a home spa program, by day, and a ‘cat lady’ by night, or whatever happens, and this is my blog with ‘home spa talk’. I live in Dallas/Ft. Worth area and I have many cats, whom I practice noninvasive and acceptable ways of wholistic health and natural health medicine with.  I like a spa-like atmosphere, and I enjoy yoga and other core exercises, when I can, eating healthy foods, drinking herb teas, gardening, and breathing the fresh air.

I am not the same naive little girl I used to be that made me a total self absorbed wreck. Life has been hard, but I have come through, even if not all the way, to at least be someone with right purpose and intent.

Since I have inspirations, and I want to share my natural health success… this blog is about introducing you to a path to wellness, as it is your personal responsibility for a greater autonomy.

My Company, ‘Elitely Staying in Touch’ was founded in 2003, and I have been designing a program to offer quality natural health services for the public, ever since. Located in Weatherford, TX, this company employs only 1 person, yet with your support, I could do awesome things for the community of Parker county.

As a new site visitor, you should go to BLOG PAGE and post a comment and show you are a caring connection. I do update the pages occasionally when I get inspired by better health, so if you see changes, don’t be alarmed.

I am known to update my blog articles, until I feel the topic is well said, so if you check back, you may notice additional points I have made on your favorite posts.
Thank you for all your comments so far. Please, I hope you enjoy yourself and what you read here!


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