People you avoid?

-people who are funny? -people who are mean, but think they are funny? -people who try to be cute? -people who try to be a smart ass, but think it’s being cute too? -people who are asking for help sympathy or understanding? -people who are upset all the time, flying off handle in a rage, […]

Baby Got a Suspcious Mind

Is it maddening or lifesaving if Baby’s got a suspicious mind? Strong Feelings of Resentment These feelings would common sensibly come from… 1. Daily onslaught of abuse? That bad feelings remain if unchecked ? uncorrected? 2.  Misplaced blame? (happenstance- opportunity) 3. Upbringing — (as men or boys are?) to not respect women? — to not appropriately blame […]

Energy Healing

A more positive energy towards yourself or others would be a faith healing energy called REIKI. Like massage, Reiki is a heart based therapy, to help restore your inner peace. Planning to make available a new wave natural health technique, called ‘Heart Reiki’ and ‘Heart Kegels‘…. simple, but effective self-help. About live energy: If you […]

Why I deal with only the elite, and will not do massage or yoga in an informal, non-spa atmosphere:

Because of people with the ‘Craig’s list killer’ mentality, the ‘Craig’s list killers’… If you profile them.. (which you have to do testing trustworthiness). They have an attitude, when leave out, like ‘negativity with intent to kill’, (road rage). They do not respect people who care about others, who do yoga, massage, use plant based […]

Transcending over Strife with Heart

Sometimes, in order to transcend over hard times, without suffering, we have to do things like deep breathing Anti pain with natural resources, like a calming tea, anti-inflammatories like ginger etc. Get massage therapy. Drink more water to detoxify. Have a place of refuge for quiet, peace, and safety that provides comfort and shelter for […]

Massage benefits 👌

by Kathy Stevens, LMT With the ever-increasing population, high tech (unnatural) living, and growing cities, the daily stresses of living in crowded areas is not going to improve without increased health improving options. Massage is LAVISH ATTENTION that is becoming more sophisticated, advanced; and evolved, by more people every day, to better help each other […]