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Salt stones (use reasonable care)

When it is winter and everyone is wearing heavy clothes and blankets to keep warm, you have to reconsider deodorant options under your arms, as well as your feet, when wearing waterproof enclosed footwear. If you neglect this, you will start to smell and swell. Salt suspended in solution will kill every organization suspended in… Continue reading Salt stones (use reasonable care)

Hydrotherapy, Natural remedies

Salt is a funny thing ⏳

Times up. I can't keep this to myself any longer. We have used table salt in the kitchen, as found in grocery stores and epsom salt as found in drug stores. There is abundant call for it, in recipes, in the kitchen, but the use has begun to be ostracized. Still the epsom salts sit… Continue reading Salt is a funny thing ⏳

Natural remedies

💊Qualifying quercetin as#1 for your natural medicine cabinet

I would have it as the most important in my natural medicine cabinet, if i were you. I use it everyday, when I remember, to counter the effects  of stress, not just the prevention of worse illnesses. (When external stressors can seem powerful, you need something powerful in your court.) It is the most potent,… Continue reading 💊Qualifying quercetin as#1 for your natural medicine cabinet