New plan social distancing plan

Drawing a new line in the sand I don’t keep or make promises with people who don’t keep the peace with me. (Right it off as an opportunity you blew) When it’s the easiest thing to do, compared to the expectations others have of you. No one gets a Swedish sweetish massage. Too sexual orientedContinue reading “New plan social distancing plan”


In the case, of using drugs for serious illnesses, rather than wholistic remedies, sometimes using more of a good thing (returning to natural folk medicine or nutritional therapy) is better than trying to use a potentially better drug that is only experimental, even if it is natural. Sometimes the problem requires cutting out the badContinue reading “DRUGS VS. WHOLISTIC”

Health Goals

Health goals are synonymous for natural health. Health goals can rule what is in your diet and activity level. Healthy goals must be on path of higher health or maintenance. You may start at a beginners level, but with guidance or teamwork, you might make more secure or advanced changes early on (or not). SomeContinue reading “Health Goals”

People you avoid?

-people who are funny? -people who are mean, but think they are funny? -people who try to be cute? -people who try to be a smart ass, but think it’s being cute too? -people who are asking for help sympathy or understanding? -people who are upset all the time, flying off handle in a rage,Continue reading “People you avoid?”

The Goodbye- It’s Crunch Time

When they keep telling you no, about incorporating healthier options, such as for drinking and eating, in order to not have to make the change, when you are making all the other changes, how long before you notice we are gone. It’s just an effing insult, if you are not trying to offer what weContinue reading “The Goodbye- It’s Crunch Time”

Baby Got a Suspcious Mind

Is it maddening or lifesaving if Baby’s got a suspicious mind? Strong Feelings of Resentment These feelings would common sensibly come from… 1. Daily onslaught of abuse? That bad feelings remain if unchecked ? uncorrected? 2.  Misplaced blame? (happenstance- opportunity) 3. Upbringing — (as men or boys are?) to not respect women? — to not appropriately blameContinue reading “Baby Got a Suspcious Mind”