Baby Got a Suspcious Mind

Is it maddening or lifesaving if Baby’s got a suspicious mind? Strong Feelings of Resentment These feelings would common sensibly come from… 1. Daily onslaught of abuse? That bad feelings remain if unchecked ? uncorrected? 2.  Misplaced blame? (happenstance- opportunity) 3. Upbringing — (as men or boys are?) to not respect women? — to not appropriately blameContinue reading “Baby Got a Suspcious Mind”

Taking the Train-sition to Stop the Cycle of Self-abuse 🙅

In daily life, we might all experience needs, wants, desires, etc. and have to cope with life. Here is one scene of a cycle of self abuse (quick fixes, self medicating with?) – Caffeine (upper) – Nicotine (cigarettes, tobacco) (upper, downer) marijuana (upper, downer) – Alcohol or Valiums (downers) – Anger (up-negatively) depression (down- negatively)Continue reading “Taking the Train-sition to Stop the Cycle of Self-abuse 🙅”