To show spa service process 💫 from a child’s viewpoint, legal… Like make an appt.- arrive stressed 📆🏥🤾🏻‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🌲🚗⛽️🚪🛀☎️ Fill out application 🚪🎦🤳🛋📑📝 Choose service. 🔰📜🗳🛎💸🍷 Go to room for spa, get pampered, 🚪💈🎶💦🚪⏳💆🏼💆🏼‍♂️🚼💤⌛️ When done, have a cup tea 🚪💦🕴🍵 then checkout. Watch -The Walking Man Plan

Salt stones (use reasonable care)

When it is winter and everyone is wearing heavy clothes and blankets to keep warm, you have to reconsider deodorant options under your arms, as well as your feet, when wearing waterproof enclosed footwear. If you neglect this, you will start to smell and swell. Salt suspended in solution will kill every organization suspended inContinue reading “Salt stones (use reasonable care)”

Dealing with crepey skin

Exfoliate only on wet skin that is slippery – Use juice fruit rub, like from the pulp of a lemon. Do not over dry Massage  Using a moisturizer daily on face around eyes, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs feet  – Glycerine (#1 because it works alone.) – Wheat germ oil – Other oily options- oliveContinue reading “Dealing with crepey skin”

Energy Healing

A more positive energy towards yourself or others would be a faith healing energy called REIKI. Like massage, Reiki is a heart based therapy, to help restore your inner peace. Planning to make available a new wave natural health technique, called ‘Heart Reiki’ and ‘Heart Kegels‘…. simple, but effective self-help. About live energy: If youContinue reading “Energy Healing”

Why I deal with only the elite, and will not do massage or yoga in an informal, non-spa atmosphere:

Because of people with the ‘Craig’s list killer’ mentality, the ‘Craig’s list killers’… If you profile them.. (which you have to do testing trustworthiness). They have an attitude, when leave out, like ‘negativity with intent to kill’, (road rage). They do not respect people who care about others, who do yoga, massage, use plant basedContinue reading “Why I deal with only the elite, and will not do massage or yoga in an informal, non-spa atmosphere:”

Water the universal remedy

Quote from Water cure Journal To the Editor of the Water Cure Journal.. ‘ That fool,’ said I, ‘ does not require cupping.’ ‘ He does not look as if he did,’ said the druggist, ‘ but we can’t afford to let him go without.’ ” And now, after reading and pondering over such testimonies,Continue reading “Water the universal remedy”

Transcending over Strife with Heart

Sometimes, in order to transcend over hard times, without suffering, we have to do things like deep breathing Anti pain with natural resources, like a calming tea, anti-inflammatories like ginger etc. Get massage therapy. Drink more water to detoxify. Have a place of refuge for quiet, peace, and safety that provides comfort and shelter forContinue reading “Transcending over Strife with Heart”

😘Formula to preserve lemons for lemonade

(thank you mom) 9 lemons squeezed (plus pulp) to fill one ice cube tray = 3 pitchers of lemonade 12 ice cube in tray ÷3 = 4 lemon ice cubes = 1 pitcher of lemonade *opt. Add a mint leaf to each cube note: put in plastic zip lock bag to preserve freshness! Lemonade recipeContinue reading “😘Formula to preserve lemons for lemonade”