Expecting a One Size Fits All Diet

Annhnhnhn doesn’t exist, and if it did, it would probably be too late for most people, making old age diets difficult. Don’t look at different people as different kinds of cartoon animals with different diets. We are all the same as people with the same dietary needs. If anything, if you are going to classifyContinue reading “Expecting a One Size Fits All Diet”

Health Goals

Health goals are synonymous for natural health. Health goals can rule what is in your diet and activity level. Healthy goals must be on path of higher health or maintenance. You may start at a beginners level, but with guidance or teamwork, you might make more secure or advanced changes early on (or not). SomeContinue reading “Health Goals”

Who is teaching the LIFE lessons?

The reality is: we don’t need to watch something about something YOU need to learn YOUR lesson NOT to do. For ex., what you are learning to cook, that is ‘so’ not good for 80% of the population, maybe only good for a lion in the zoo. (As if there isn’t five million lessons onContinue reading “Who is teaching the LIFE lessons?”