Essential essential essential

Hands are essential…so, if you want to save your hands, if you scrub sinks cabinets, dishes, bathrooms, etc., you should try this simple scrubbing powder. *It will put off a healing aroma for your lungs, also, unlike other cleansers. *It will be safe to use, without gloves, and will leave a tingling effect, in yourContinue reading “Essential essential essential”

Dealing with crepey skin

Exfoliate only on wet skin that is slippery – Use juice fruit rub, like from the pulp of a lemon. Do not over dry Massage  Using a moisturizer daily on face around eyes, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs feet  – Glycerine (#1 because it works alone.) – Wheat germ oil – Other oily options- oliveContinue reading “Dealing with crepey skin”