The Complexity of Vegan Compassion & Ethics

Compassion, ethics, and empathy should just come with the territory, when you become a vegan, but it may not. Quality of life & longevity can go together if it does. If you are so inclined … Dream, and make dreams come true, not nightmares. It is a lot more legal and WANTED in this worldContinue reading “The Complexity of Vegan Compassion & Ethics”

Power play, not today?

Not the real power play they have done before, they are just being enterprising. By adding distrust as the fuel to the fire. They practice mean things daily, to keep it ‘alive’. They could never do anything to turn it around to a positive light, without taking a big blow. They need a big wakeupContinue reading “Power play, not today?”

About credit due, is it?

Per chance to dream, per chance to dance, per chance to deliver? Is it a vegan thing? It is, when you go vegan to save money, and they keep on you like stink on poop! (Predatory lending) in more ways than one. You brag that you don’t borrow or need credit, but yet you liveContinue reading “About credit due, is it?”