Antiviral prevention (natural) health plan checklist

This information is intended to supplement good information not substitute for it.  There may be a lot of advertising on the internet, promoting single cures for viruses.  Since there is no real cure for a virus, you have to use common sense and stay as clean as possible, inside and out. (Err on the sideContinue reading “Antiviral prevention (natural) health plan checklist”


You’ve had plenty of time to stop the abuse. Stressors list to ‘eliminate’ – sound man pain-making stressor as an assault- intentional infliction of distress. Job loss or role modeled. Narcissist-in-training? – vicious cycle of abuse – pain killers- dependency, more abuse no punishment, lawsuit, job loss or suffer, emotional turmoil victimization, need for addictionContinue reading “STOPPER OF STRESS PROGRAM”

Way of courage

Sunday, February 3, 2019 11:07 AM Way of courage is being responsible for your actions. WHAT IS NOT THE WAY OF COURAGE If it is not in your plans, and you do it, because of opportunity, you can not be trusted, if you do things that are irresponsible (make negative choices). With stress comes pain,Continue reading “Way of courage”

People you avoid?

-people who are funny? -people who are mean, but think they are funny? -people who try to be cute? -people who try to be a smart ass, but think it’s being cute too? -people who are asking for help sympathy or understanding? -people who are upset all the time, flying off handle in a rage,Continue reading “People you avoid?”

Baby Got a Suspcious Mind

Is it maddening or lifesaving if Baby’s got a suspicious mind? Strong Feelings of Resentment These feelings would common sensibly come from… 1. Daily onslaught of abuse? That bad feelings remain if unchecked ? uncorrected? 2.  Misplaced blame? (happenstance- opportunity) 3. Upbringing — (as men or boys are?) to not respect women? — to not appropriately blameContinue reading “Baby Got a Suspcious Mind”

The old Maneuvers?

The old Maneuvers (excuses) running out of time running out of gas running out of money running out of patience running out of food Running out of places to hide or People to run to for help? Motivations for your actions or is someone ‘forcing your priorities’? Which you would not be able to getContinue reading “The old Maneuvers?”


To show spa service process 💫 from a child’s viewpoint, legal… Like make an appt.- arrive stressed 📆🏥🤾🏻‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🌲🚗⛽️🚪🛀☎️ Fill out application 🚪🎦🤳🛋📑📝 Choose service. 🔰📜🗳🛎💸🍷 Go to room for spa, get pampered, 🚪💈🎶💦🚪⏳💆🏼💆🏼‍♂️🚼💤⌛️ When done, have a cup tea 🚪💦🕴🍵 then checkout. Watch -The Walking Man Plan

Energy Healing

A more positive energy towards yourself or others would be a faith healing energy called REIKI. Like massage, Reiki is a heart based therapy, to help restore your inner peace. Planning to make available a new wave natural health technique, called ‘Heart Reiki’ and ‘Heart Kegels‘…. simple, but effective self-help. About live energy: If youContinue reading “Energy Healing”

Water the universal remedy

Quote from Water cure Journal To the Editor of the Water Cure Journal.. ‘ That fool,’ said I, ‘ does not require cupping.’ ‘ He does not look as if he did,’ said the druggist, ‘ but we can’t afford to let him go without.’ ” And now, after reading and pondering over such testimonies,Continue reading “Water the universal remedy”