Expecting a One Size Fits All Diet

Annhnhnhn doesn’t exist, and if it did, it would probably be too late for most people, making old age diets difficult. Don’t look at different people as different kinds of cartoon animals with different diets. We are all the same as people with the same dietary needs. If anything, if you are going to classifyContinue reading “Expecting a One Size Fits All Diet”


You’ve had plenty of time to stop the abuse. Stressors list to ‘eliminate’ – sound man pain-making stressor as an assault- intentional infliction of distress. Job loss or role modeled. Narcissist-in-training? – vicious cycle of abuse – pain killers- dependency, more abuse no punishment, lawsuit, job loss or suffer, emotional turmoil victimization, need for addictionContinue reading “STOPPER OF STRESS PROGRAM”

The Complexity of Vegan Compassion & Ethics

Compassion, ethics, and empathy should just come with the territory, when you become a vegan, but it may not. Quality of life & longevity can go together if it does. If you are so inclined … Dream, and make dreams come true, not nightmares. It is a lot more legal and WANTED in this worldContinue reading “The Complexity of Vegan Compassion & Ethics”

Elitely Staying in Touch

We should ALL aspire to have elite communications. We should try our best to communicate- kindly, caringly, sparingly to better be understood, and not be taken the wrong way. Even if we communicate, other than our words, it should be with love. Positive energy, with good timing positive touch, healing touch doing things the rightContinue reading “Elitely Staying in Touch”