Who is teaching the LIFE lessons?

The reality is: we don’t need to watch something about something YOU need to learn YOUR lesson NOT to do.

For ex., what you are learning to cook, that is ‘so’ not good for 80% of the population, maybe only good for a lion in the zoo. (As if there isn’t five million lessons on how to cook a carcass.) It’s like, if (you) get 2 minutes of airtime, when (I’m) not paying attention that’s the first thing you do (and you are old enough to know better). Talk about untrustworthy in some public communication position…

I’m really afraid for people like you, who get into the food business, without a clue that it has evolved, just like technology, not just nutritionally.

By your choices, you are going to end up with either the good people or the bad people.

There really isn’t an inbetween, because you can’t really escape food related health issues or benefits, whether someone sees you or not.

Oh, you are going to teach me something special that I don’t even want to watch, and what, you get paid to keep the an option open, as if it is an innocent outragousness, to devastate someone without trying? Who should give in? The one who won’t? That sounds like freaking criminal intentions, and expecting others to forgive or ignore it is like, to you, opening karma and pandora’s box of innocent outragousness, like you not being able to face other issues, like drugs that follow the same pattern of immorality.

There is a lot better way of leaving an option open by choosing a better way for yourself.

You can’t stay on the immoral side of the compass, without being seen as the bully, the bad guy, the one that needs to change or else…etc.

Even though you made friends with your public courageousness, you could have been making friends that like you, by being moral.

What you thought was right was really wrong, and it was too late for you to change? You had eventually morphed from a sweet, innocent, happy person into an angry, mean, spiteful predatorial adversary.

Your choices determine whether you morph back and stay back, or whether you just disguise yourself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s easier to just be wolf in sheep’s clothing and run with the pack, but then you just better keep running and don’t come back, because I morphed into A STRONG human WOMAN, not ruled by stupid choices I might have made in the past, that is not as some low life animal’s bitch, no matter how often you try to sell me the same option that I terminated 30 years ago.

You take it on the run baby, if that’s the way you want it baby, I don’t want you around… At some point, you have to take responsibility for your own actions and that means helping the right people, to do the right things, and take credit for that!!!

Yea, I’m still around… And sure it all sounds negative, when facing these realities, but YOU can not escape adversity, without rising above it, by taking positive action.

I can remember the pain and I won’t choose pain or those who cause it, EVER!!!

Going in a positive direction is loving life, nothing else, as it will get your head right.

I have that ‘right’ and there is nothing negative OR illegal about it, only behind it, forever. I know I am not going to teach the ways of adversity to others or nonchalantly try to sell negative old ideas to someone else, which is a waste of everyone’s precious time, esp. in cases where I should be learning the lesson not trying to teach it. I feel no guilt or constant questioning myself, when my ruling choices rule other good choices.

God please grant me the wisdom to know the difference and never waste precious time, esp. my own.

Vegan Rescue:

If you know how to eat right, you should do it, no matter what other people do. If a doctor knows how to save someone’s life, should he not do it because someone else wouldn’t do it? No, because it is his patient. So should you neglect yourself, because someone else would neglect themself? NO, it is your body, and you should save it, if you know how by being vegan!!!!

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