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People you avoid?

-people who are funny?
-people who are mean, but think they are funny?
-people who try to be cute?
-people who try to be a smart ass, but think it’s being cute too?
-people who are asking for help sympathy or understanding?
-people who are upset all the time, flying off handle in a rage, behind you back or next door?
-people who are always wanting you to buy something?
-people who listen to you and dont avoid your calls or call back?
-people who solve your problems and move onto something else.
-people who make an effort to stay in contact and resolve issues?
-people who make fun of or insult people behind their back?
-people who mind their own business, unless you make it theirs?
-people who take their time in doing business with you, when you are in a hurry, as if they don’t know what they are doing, giving no assurances?
-people you don’t know?
-people you have extremely high expectations from, who don’t meet them?
-people who you are paying and do business with but you don’t know?
-people who call you and hang up, don’t say anything, or don’t leave a message?
-people who have no life, disrupt interfere or waste your time?
-people who have nothing to do, are bored or ignore important things they should be doing?
-people who share unimportant insignificant things for no apparently good reason? But to hurt or insult someone else’s intelligence? Throw off track, as waste time?
-people whom you eagerly support but that would NEVER EVER support you? Mutually in any way?
-people who make excuses to be nice to you?
-people who avoid you?
-people who expect you to be perfect (never make a mistake)?but never consider they aren’t perfect either?
-people who should pay a million dollars to be able to have phone, internet, or transportation, or any other way to be ‘media’?
-people whose sole purpose in life seems to be to kill other’s self esteem?
-people who ruin the very AIR YOU BREATH and complain about your lack of keeping up and doing nothing to help.
-People who start doing negative things that you were counting on them for not ever doing, so intentionally? Because your entitled? Because it is the law? SAYS WHO, YOU, WHEN IT SUITS YOUR PURPOSE? HAH..


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