Power play, not today?

Not the real power play they have done before, they are just being enterprising. By adding distrust as the fuel to the
fire. They practice mean things daily, to keep it ‘alive’. They could never do anything to turn it around to a positive light, without taking a big blow. They need a big wakeup call but they are too busy trying to belittle the ones who are wise to them.

They have ‘community’ and it is not a good one.

With nothing better to do…? To speed up coming into more money…? And because police aren’t around to supervise, they think they have the right to (negatively control families)
• ‘Auction off’ chances to kill someone?
• ‘Run a vote’ to see who everyone wants dead the most?
• Give bids on deposit for someone else’s property after they kill them? Like to support them getting the alibi, the rights to stuff without someone else getting it, etc.

It doesn’t matter how likeable you are, if you are not in their immediate circle, or even so, you will be auctioned off, (after being trapped into mobile home) not renting, and can’t sell it.

They have slowly over the years built up their clientele of hateful mean and greedy people they help and who help them.

They turn families against families, not support them, they break up families, not bring families together or matchmaker people.

If it is old people, they have no use for them, and help them to be put out of their misery, not to have longevity.

They do not as a matter of principle practice good habits, but bad ones that hurt themselves and others. The environment, with them in it, is extremely stressful. They do not just drive secretly out of their driveway; they have to let everyone know they are leaving.

With the bad boys network… they have gotten better at protecting their self, to still be able to do the evil things they want.

Maybe they hold children for ransom, maybe they turn children into drug addicts and smokers, maybe they have key influences in transportation and hold vehicles for ransom too.

They cannot do business in a nice way; it has to be victimizing someone, to put theirselves on a pedestal of importance.

In this way, they are supporting the bad people of the families, by getting rid of the good influential ones, and making the bad ones the important ones with the power. (I guess it is another way of being evilly enterprising.) A great way to make their connections stronger, and the good connections weaker.

It is a job to them, and they do not have to know a force for good, because they just have to know how to get away with the bad things they do, and keep the fear they caused ‘engaged’. Evidenced by having no life, and the attempts to get more money than ever, by forcing you to make big mistake, make unnecessary expenditures, take risky chances, etc.? And generally making your life unsatisfying, because they are ever-present and not letting you forget it.


If you get people like them for neighbors, even if their whole family is not like them, they make up for it, in making sure your life is like a nightmare. It will not happen at first, but once they know what you do not like, they can’t mind their own business and wont quit trying to attract negative attention, you cannot help but have to start doing neighbor profiling.

You can either stop going there or let it become part of your PROFILE, because you could say you are old enough to know better, and not young enough to sweep it under the rug.

Part of carrying vour weight in society is making it balance, not laying heavy on others. Am I suppose to think about your feelings or are you supposed to think about mine to bring balance? Where bringing balance means making others feel welcome, appreciated, accepted at the least, where sensitive people as yourself also would take the slightest of things the wrong way. Not your job?

Don’t think you can hold onto the most people better, by being the baddest guy, with the most fun and innovative law breaking, that the law can’t catch up to it. 💸

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