Is it an update?

Who knows this? the competitor Apple?

They wrote code to make it look like the battery was fully charged, not give you notice, when you are busy writing, and then click, the computer completely cuts off, without you saving the document, that they probably uploaded, and left you with an old version.

Another benefit they found, in writing code to change the battery status, is you have to get a new battery, that they could make it seem like like you need, like when they constantly send you notifications your printer is out of ink, when you still were able to print 100 more pages.

Then there is the benefit to them, that you have to leave YOUR computer plugged in, as a habit, and let it recharge, so they can access your computer, when you are NOT on it to witness what they do.

Deceiving about battery life also benefits them,  when you have it unplugged and mentally note the battery amount, because of all the battery issues, so
– When you turn it on and see it is drained, you are rightfully concerned, because they turn it on, when they just make it act as sleeping, looking like it went off, RUNNING THE BATTERY DOWN, as they get access to all the recent things you wrote.
– Then if they make it look like the battery was fully charged, you won’t want a refund? You won’t suspect them of accessing it?

– Nothing new, that computer learners with no life would do, but others ask when you complain, why would they do that to you? You are just paranoid. But not to everyone! Would they say that to someone else it happened to, or am I just special?

They make their self look busy, by always offering massive updates, would be like Comedians, who run out of ideas, they quit being able to pass it off, when nothing changed for the better, but something essential disappeared.

Why doesn’t apple let them update?

Maybe because they didn’t write code to improve the process of notifying you, or code for saving word documents, before battery is set to cut off.

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