The Goodbye- It’s Crunch Time

When they keep telling you no, about incorporating healthier options, such as for drinking and eating, in order to not have to make the change, when you are making all the other changes, how long before you notice we are gone.

It’s just an effing insult, if you are not trying to offer what we need, and are in a position to do so, without having to ask. Take off with the right vision, not just for us, but because it is the right thing to do, when you have a second chance.

When I am trying to touch base, you are fixing everything else. (And charging me for it, instead of accepting my help?)

You might still be alive, and I be around somewhere, to force to help you?

No, I will be so in debt, no time, and you never helped me, I won’t have the money or the time to invest in pulling you out of the hole, whatever survived the assault you subjected your own body too.

Even if I could help you, you still wouldnt like it, and be able to change in time, and respect, without the total insult of your own self. Having to stoop, your pride will get you.

You want to get busy towards a progressive path, but if you don’t put health food health drinks, on the menu, you are just as much of a low life, of whoever you will attract.

Change that is slow is equally as slow of saving you, such as from cancer. It makes you wonder what your true goal is.

It isn’t worth it for me to wait around, if the plan is not going to let me save myself. So once again, it is crunch time and a lesson learned.

Some things are worth the time you invest to be supportive, when they make ALL the right changes, and others are not, and so you have to do everything you can to save time, and in the process move on without them.

Some people will just never appreciate they could have had it all. Get the right message.

I found this on Pinterest, what do you think?

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