Baby Got a Suspcious Mind

Is it maddening or lifesaving if Baby’s got a suspicious mind?

Strong Feelings of Resentment

These feelings would common sensibly come from…

1. Daily onslaught of abuse? That bad feelings remain if unchecked ? uncorrected?
2.  Misplaced blame? (happenstance- opportunity)

3. Upbringing

— (as men or boys are?) to not respect women?
— to not appropriately blame others and let their frustrations out on whoever?

Is some of it a product of brainwasing (thoughts left unchecked, unbalanced views like not having a male and female perspective?)

*God forbid that you would have more than one reason to feel resentment.

So tell me again why mental health is, or is not, a daily concern?
— that you could possibly be immune to being mentally ill, if you are or are not open to the possibilities of correction? anhhh!

That you can continue to be part of the problem in society of causing resentment, no matter who it is to, and not be held accountable?

It is normal to feel resentment about abuse and someone misplacing blame on you, but to feel resentment towards everyone because of your upbringing is a problem.

What is normal bad feelings of resentment, left unchecked, can be a problem also. So to question someone upset about abuse (who is checking in to the reality) and not question the abuser, would be a problem.

For example: For someone to say that ‘resentment costs you’, is betrayal, when they could have said ‘victimization costs you’. Resentment is something you cannot control, victimization is.

A victim of abuse needs help, not always how they think, but facing off with the abuser!

(See Empathetic Advocate)

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