Hand care, Natural cleaning

Essential essential essential

Hands are essential…so, if you want to save your hands, if you scrub sinks cabinets, dishes, bathrooms, etc., you should try this simple scrubbing powder.

*It will put off a healing aroma for your lungs, also, unlike other cleansers.

*It will be safe to use, without gloves, and will leave a tingling effect, in your hands, where you would otherwise feel pain, after scrubbing.

What is the formula?

Two ingredients –

4 parts baking soda

1 part menthol crystals powdered

Mix in a fitting container that will allow you to dispense the product as needed, such as a large spice jar with a shaker top or one with a top that can dispense some in. When you stir in the menthol crystals make sure you powder with a coffee grinder and sift.

Using: sprinkle on area and polish with a wet cloth and rinse clean. If you are scrubbing something sticky, add oil separately to the area being scrubbed, using a little natural soap, to get the oil off.


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