Essential essential essential

Hands are essential…so, if you want to save your hands, if you scrub sinks cabinets, dishes, bathrooms, etc., you should try this simple scrubbing powder.

*It will put off a healing aroma for your lungs, also, unlike other cleansers.

*It will be safe to use, without gloves, and will leave a tingling effect, in your hands, where you would otherwise feel pain, after scrubbing.

What is the formula?

Two ingredients –

4 parts baking soda

1 part menthol crystals powdered

Mix in a fitting container that will allow you to dispense the product as needed, such as a large spice jar with a shaker top or one with a top that can dispense some in. When you stir in the menthol crystals make sure you powder with a coffee grinder and sift.

Using: sprinkle on area and polish with a wet cloth and rinse clean. If you are scrubbing something sticky, add oil separately to the area being scrubbed, using a little natural soap, to get the oil off.

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