(Caution- another critique you may not want to read.)


Don’t call something a REENACTMENT, if you are really doing it!!!! (Cause how do we know?) ex. Shooting sounds rather than visual only, fires and explosions with full sound effects, car door slamming, yelling and screaming, hearing words and all, physical violence looking too real as well as real sounds?

Don’t ask for any part of paradise, just ask to be sucked up into a void! It would be better to have nothing to show, than something that REEKS. You make the reenactments as bad as the crime itself to innocent watchers! (Instead of cancelling out the problem.)

Have you ever heard of peace in your whole life? What does it mean to you, peace to suffer? Or peace, put in place when and where it avoid suffering? Surely not the latter, right?

And then…
If you have seen someone, at their worst, do you stay stuck? Or can you move on and see them at their best? And even so, in some mutually agreeable relationship, like a friend? Like not bringing up the past? (which is being stuck)

For example,  someone gets all dirty cleaning out the dirtiest place you can think of and puts something wonderful there, in its place…. so maybe they didn’t take a bath every hour, and so what…

– you harp on them the whole while, about how unclean they are?
– Instead of appreciating them and the wonderful work they are doing or did do, and putting them on the defensive, so much, as to keep them from getting cleaned up regularly and back on track???? And like giving them another job and no time to clean up from that? And then them getting behind on the job and the cleaning up and YOUR FAT ASS not helping, and also not giving them help, other than to insult them, as if that is representative of the kind of person THEY are ??? And what, you need and get help in doing it ??? Like rumor mills? To hurt them, not help FoR them, neglecting to explain how it started? In a way that would be acceptable to them? Such as, taking before pictures, not showing the after pictures, as if it is still like that.
– and then, you make it typical of anyone who works, so NOW, everyone is afraid to get their hands dirty and be caught off guard, by some lazy low lier like you.

So what do sociopaths start? It sure isn’t clean up!

You can sit there and call the clean up ‘oh she’s being negative’, all you want, but it won’t change; it’s going to happen! And the problems are going to be found out and fixed, unlike you would do! Get credit for that, such as sewer water, supposed friend!
– And that is why you don’t want there to be a privacy fence, not because the person can’t be trusted, but because YOU can’t.
– It’s always another noisy reenactment that has become pointless. For what, attention? To make someone else look bad? Hah. Or just to show your need to seem as hateful as everyone else does, for what, so one will care if you never come back again and disappear? And that is how you get your privacy? Forever!

EVIL IS NOT CONTAGIOUS, IT IS A PREVENTABLE CHOICE on each and every personal level.
– And to reenact evil, without peace in the proper perspective, will defeat any purpose of preventing evil! Therefore taking away your right to present it for that purpose (or any other hidden evil agenda). And any collections you get should be forwarded to the highest government office to legislate.

Perceived superiority? My own? Or an attempt to cause a positive break through, supervise, to rise above adversity and suppression? And hopefully give some direction, cause that isn’t working!

WHen you make it impossible for someone to have and carry on with a normal Christian demeanor, as you are imposing your rights above theirs, that is not EQUAL RIGHTS.