The old Maneuvers?

The old Maneuvers (excuses)

  • running out of time
  • running out of gas
  • running out of money
  • running out of patience
  • running out of food
  • Running out of places to hide or
    People to run to for help?

Motivations for your actions or is someone ‘forcing your priorities’?

  • Which you would not be able to get away with, on the job?
  • People don’t choose these excuses on purpose, as someone is manipulating them.
  • They are signs something is wrong is with one or more of their relationships?

Do you trust your karma? If you don’t believe in it, you must trust it, as you don’t fear it, and you don’t care, or do you?

Beleiving in something is called ‘be-leaving the bad ideas behind’.

old ma-neu-vers.  Or

old man-eu-vers

All I can say is if you are thinking about me, and how to force my priorities, you have too much time on your hands.  So.. here psychos…


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