Plant strong… strengthened by plants- don’t expect someone strengthened by plants to be doing it for you, if you refuse to try to be strengthened by plants. Do not act all hurt jealous and mad either, when you could have devoted those energies to be joinable as one also powered by plants. Don’t expect to be invited or welcomed, if insulting that way, as I should give up something too good for you, rather than share!

If you are not doing things for mean, vain, or stupid reasons, you might be being above reproach, and then you cannot be humiliated or embarrassed by what you say and do.

Avoid fads and stay grounded with a plant based diet! Then you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the times, the times will be worried about keeping up with you!

Karma that only a vegan could live to yell about? Hunger and malnutrition is more typical in a meat based diet, no matter what way you look at it! (And almost any illness you can think of summarizing themselves into cancer.)

A VEGAN RESCUE MISSION-powered by plants clothing