They do not give anyone the benefit of the doubt. More like born of hearsay and gossip.

People and animals may act on ‘what could do’–
— What could and have and could again Or
— What have and maybe could?

Preconceived notions
Are not  necessarily what you act on, but when you assume it is what others do. And may think you could also?

(Such as, your brother drives home from the local bar every night,  and you probably could to, but someone reports you, when you start doing it, to teach you both a lesson.)

Preconceived notions could be your own fears or paranoia, or insulting to others? So consider being more thoughtful!

(Such as, it is a small town and the fear preconceived it will make everybody in conflict, but it is being so inconsiderate of the police, as if they are not ‘on their game’!)

Having preconceived notions may not be born of common sense! A notion about others that is preconceived should be backed or validated by evidence, if you ‘buy’ it as having any truth to it!

(Such as, you think everyone with long beautiful hair is a female, and you see someone from behind and go up to talk to them, prepared with something to say related to them being a female, and you are floored when they turn around with a beard a mustache. Not using your common sense that not everyone male has short hair in this joint.)

Preconceived notions may not even be intuitive, making it a fault to not listen to your intuition.

When acting on preconceived notions like it is safe to hurt someone, you may be unfairly surprised! Because it is not taking into consideration the ‘3 strikes and your out’ policy!

Having preconceived notions at the beginning of a relationship, that you won’t let go, is probably going to be a deal breaker, to the other person!

Moral : Don’t be so judgmental, and you won’ seem prejudice either. 

You shouldn’t let preconceived notions or hearsay cause you to supportively banish someone from family, and still be able say you are ‘all for love’, because if you are as busy as they are at supposedly caring, as if giving you the whole story, you would get both sides, knowing that NEVER HAPPENS, that is if you are going to use it against them.

Is survival a reason? Sounds more like doing everyone a favor.