Key to longevity is key to acceptance? TRY, TRY HARD

A major key to acceptance is to not give up TRYING.  I don’t mean ‘do not give up trying to be mean’, I mean ‘do not give up trying to be nice’, negotiate, do not give up wanting to be accepted for the right reasons, by the right people.

So to say ‘do not give up trying’, will that inspire you to try right, to not accept defeat and follow a wrong way? Such as to not give up trying to quit a bad thing?

When I say do not give up trying, I am not saying go out and seek revenge or unfair justice.

  • To be wanted by more people, to set a good example, to be a good role model, to be found to be a chosen or sought after one, rather than avoided?
  • Like to not give up being a nice guy, so there are more of them, so guys are considered nice, more than they are considered not nice?
  • To not play dum, and take the path of least trying to be smart or make wise decisions? Dogs can play stupid, people can’t.
  • To not leave it for someone else to do, or to at least support someone else in making the world a better place, not just competing with them.
  • while everyone else is trying hard, you do not have to? Yet you are getting a better income? How is that going to over acceptance-wise? NOT very well, if you are putting them down with a better than thou attitude!

This may just be my opinion, but what would be contradictory about it to your opinion?

Also I am saying, just because you reach a plateau in life and think you do not have to try anymore, maybe you are wrong, (not just tired of trying, but maybe you have never even tried all the way,) because that is when it gets scary to trust you, because you think you do not have to try anymore.

  • If you seem to be trying less to get along and like others, that is scary.
  • If you are singling people out to not like, that is prejudiced and scary.
  • If you are saying you never have to apologize, you never have to say you are sorry, you never have to work at the relationship that you have with them, then that is scary.
  • If you think you are never wrong, and you will never hear the other person’s side or thoughts, or consider their rights, that is not trying very hard to get along, is being thoughtless, and what gives you the right to be unforgiving of something you were the one that was neglect in being considerate about?

It boils down to, you are not just giving up on trying for one person, or one group, but maybe you are giving up on life, by giving up trying at all.  There really is no in-between, and most of the time you have no right to not try.  It is called personal responsibility, and it affects everything you do, and you have to have it.


In court, even if you are not at fault for something, you have to try to keep it from getting worse, to stop it from happening, to ‘mitigate damages’. This means, even if someone is mean or negligent to you, you have to take reasonable steps to avoid further loss or you are going to be partially responsible and won’t recover your losses that you would otherwise been able to recover. For instance, if you are driving you have to drive defensively.  If someone negligently or intentionally pulls out in front of you, in error, you have to put on your breaks in time. Oh what, you can plow whatever life is in front of you down, because someone else behind you might throw you over an embankment? I don’t think so… because to get your car covered, you have to have mitigated your damages, esp. if you are talking you ‘didn’t see them, and it was at night, and you don’t think anyone would see your bright sparkling brake lights’? That story won’t wash, so to follow a hateful path of plowing down anything in the road, at a time where you might not see it, will not get you the same as others might have told you/argued that they got away with. Didn’t buy it, didn’t then, don’t now.

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