Love is not a cycle. love is not cycle of abuse. The part of you that loved that got hurt either, gets therapy, finds understanding, and heals.

The only way it could ever be love again is if the person sees the error of their ways and changes, but once they get a taste for victimizing you, they probably won’t take it to heart to change.

If you let it turn to hate, blame, and abuse, it is no longer love, but falls into cycle of abuse, with revenge, regret, etc. It can never be love again. Even if you misplace the blame, on someone else, and forgive the one that hurt you, it is still a cycle of abuse, and the one sided love is misguided. If the cycle does not stop it will turn to full blown hate.


Like is not even a cycle of abuse, esp. if all you do is take, take, take, and still take all the credit for anything good.

So haters quit thinking you have your head in the clouds, and someone wants you, when it is up your butt, smelling like a cigarette butt, because you hate yourself and others, who need you to quit hating them and quit smoking! Where haters instigate the conflict, they may not be involved otherwise.

Stop ‘setting lies in stone’ when you are full of it!