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Next stop- neighborhood rent

Can you get killed for paying rent? It depends on what you think you are paying to be able to do. Are you advancing like it is only the tip of the iceberg?



The first thing the crazy criminals are going to pay for is a community swimming pool, with high security. Doesn’t that sound like something President Trump would approve of for this hot Texas heat?

The evidence will be back dated, to when it all started, and who started it, and who never ever helped stop it, but promoted it, orchestrated it and supported it to be ongoing, leading to many deaths, the funds they intercepted, that were to help, wrongful lockups no doubt, lost homes etc. to pay for brick houses, no one could afford, so used victims they found with money. When a pool would be more affordable and NOT target any innocent, only the guilty, who think they have all the time and money in the world to be mean from daylight to sunset. YOU THINK PEOPLE CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE FROM SOMEONE WHO IS HATEFUL AND WHO IS JUST SOMEBODY THEY TOLERATE?

If it looks like duck quacks like a duck it is a duck, and to add to that, a zebra cannot change their stripes, to make them seem like a different species that are not looking for if do, in other words when they come look for you or set you up, they will know it’s you and you will have the burden of the proof!!!!!!

Once you know something is a sin, and you don’t stop doing it, there is no longer any forgiveness sin. If you don’t love the lord, he will not endlessly forgive you, esp. if you don’t apoligize repent, seek forgiveness, help, or even quit doing it.


Dear Mr.Bribery,

Your services are no longer needed. We found a way to take you the ‘bad guy’ down, rather than the ‘good guy gone bad’ first.

We decided to accept a plea of leniency, if we told them who started it and all the other information we had.

Worst of all, you expected unconscionable favors, to call off your dogs, when unprovable by inexperienced minds.

They will hack your prison, to keep you from coming after us or getting any messages to outside killers like you, as we know you kill, as that is the only way you could hold somebody in check to bribe them. Just because they couldn’t prove it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen when they thought they had escaped.the reminder in the picture mailbox reminds us to NEVER LET YOU GO FREE. because you are not only a death threat given you make it so it wastes time to repair the damage errors.

Exposure is evident- I’ll make a faster recover than you will be able to get it up next time then BAM! No more endless hell cycle of abuse. Don’t think anyone ‘really’ signed up for you, so bye bye. Otherwise they would loving your hate away on today if all days, the Sabbath.

Soundscore™ – HowLoud

This really gives your home a score.

(How off is the score? If you compare with noise level meters?)


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