(Why (they) you should not raise animals for food)- (they) you will not have competent claims:

Practicing to kill, and get away with killing on animals with (your) their children, then trying to defend (your) their self, by displacing blame on others, using (your) their kids ‘ways of killing and justification’, to try to pin the killing on others.

Like (you) they release a cat to kill, (you) they do the same with (your) their children. (Esp. On weekends -not dating or community service)

They(you) are not protecting ‘their (your) instinctive killer’ from committing an offense, but rather saying ‘it is in their (your) nature. They (you)  have an instinct to kill, why not use it, with all abandon!’ They (you) are not like ‘oh my cat got caught, but since I got it back from animal control, from now on, I will be proactive in keeping my ‘little killer’ confined, from where not wanted, according to the law. Because I am the one in control, not the fricking killer.’

Not what they (you) do, or probably even say to their (your) self, (no evidence of it) because they (you) are playing the authorities for a fool, and it becomes evidential of how they (you) manipulate them, like they (you) are ‘one upping’ them, or calling their bluff about the threat of next time their (your) ‘little killer’ is let out and caught, it will be sent to be euthanized, because they(you) won’t be trusted to keep them confined, and you won’t pay a fine AND keep it in.

Or what, you (they) are going to make them see your (their) side of the story, or change the law, to be allowed to kill, if you (they) get relief from it?

Oh what, it’s a conflict of interest, because (the authority you conned) cannot serve the public, against the killer family, when  has one of the family’s  chicken legs in  mouth? (Why else would they raise them, as leverage.)

The very same types that practice with animals practice with killing children, (adult level) who are not in the system yet, much, even if they are missed, when they (you) are not the type, they could persuade to kill, like them? Evidential that you never report the ones who are threatening kids, using kids by making scream to test, etc.  (why test, to see if it is all clear or have neighbors report as if they are harassing police?) They (you) are not on the side of kids, they (you) use kids as leverage, and let them smoke, run around neighborhood with guns? Vandalize and steal from property, burn down a house, etc.

Dude, (their) your case will lose, because of the chickens, not in spite of the chickens.

If you (they) cannot rise above this behavior, without hurting others (including animals), you (they) have only accomplished proving are an emotional mess, and not as smart as you (they) think you (they) are! (Includes blaming the one mad about how you (they) are raising animals ‘temporarily’, when you (they) should be prosecuted for it, to continue at all, and turn it over to someone else!)

Being cruel even secretly is not promoting the evil industry!

If you are cruel, there is no one to blame but yourself, otherwise it wouldn’t be cruel!  If you fail to control someone resp. for, you are cruel to them also.  Your Neighbors’s yard is not a kitty walking park. (Unless you want to pay land rent- if the city won’t collect I will. ) If you want one, make one yourself at your own home, but you still have to be able to restrain them, and get them back inside, like they do at dog park. Free range anything dues not mean there isn’t a fence walls or restraint.

When one person lashes out at others, in negative ways, for whatever reason, that is one thing, but when the members of family, and young and naive freinds brought into it, and are also allowed to, that is a community issue. (Not a single woman’s job!)

Behavior reached level of causing a feeling of:

☑️ disgust 🚬

☑️ Outrage 🗣