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Do you listen to the thought ‘don’t read anything into it’…? and blindly trust? rather than pursuing a higher truth?

It is probably a mistake to not read anything into it, because most things happen because of things you are not reading into it? Like ‘they’ are, so that you can be on the defensive?

For instance, you go to the mechanic, to get your auto inspected after purchasing. It was a free inspection, so right off, you are hitting a sour note, unless you were just so much fun to be around and to have in the office, right? Was the visit a good memorable or a bad memorable one, like did you yell at them or think you are better than them, or rush them?

Later, seemingly totally unrelated, you have a car accident, because some bottom pieces fall out.

Well, you can just look at someone the wrong way, and they can begin to act real hateful, so do you read that into an issue you have following a visit to the car repair shop? Probably not by why? or if you are a woman, were you dressed so sexy that all the guys in the shop, wanted you to come back, so they came to your house, late one night and caused an auto issue. Little did they know, the husband would not play along, and said it was nothing serious, and thus an auto accident, totaling almost a million in damages, before the repair was made.

It is not worth it to read something, like a viable truth, into it, instead of blind trust? (Meaning the truth of what really happened, not trust that they had nothing to do with it?)

In retrospect, you blame someone else, like the other driver, or the Auto builder, rather than the mechanic, to avoid a more direct conflict with someone with the capability to be more dangerous? Or because they have more money? Or to set a standard, that if you don’t read something into it, that they won’t do it again to someone else, or at least not you? Because you won’t forget and will forgive, if that really was what happened, that you didn’t read into it?

Why should someone innocent have to pay, even if it is from an insurance fund, without the wrong ones being penalized?

A deciding factor should really be truth or trust, (not true or false) when looking back from a victim’s standpoint. Did the victim pursue getting the truth or did they trust?

If you read something into a suspicious happenstance, even though it might be false or not true, it also might be true, and happen all the time. Even if it was not what really happened, reading something into it, could prevent it from happening, by being able to be more cautious against?

If it was only (the perpetrator) trying to get a little bit of fun, but cost way more than it is worth? Was it only a happenstance related to fun, and doesn’t happen all the time, or just the perpetrators bad luck? They get the sympathy, like to feel like they are not allowed any fun, but where is the fun the police and doctors (and don’t forget the victims) are having, cleaning up their mess?

Do you not have time to not read anything into what others suspiciously do or say? But do you also let it get under your skin or take it to heart or reality, like to where you let them get past it, to a point of trust or let them think you trust them? Like unless it is people you can truly trust, to be safe, you have to limit it, to people you can trust, if not, you have to make the time to question everything? As if no one is worried about the future, and would not have ulterior motives, for what they do? Wanting security and dependability … but if it is only you being dependable for them, and them not being dependable for you, there is conflict, to where the undependable one may be trying to take your place, not just take over, as if they have nothing left to lose? Does that make sense? Well why do people do things that don’t make sense? Not well thought out? Are they playing on your fears, rather than holding a position of trust, because you don’t care enough to make them care a little?

The point is, do not let one single thought rule your life or mess it up, or become a basis for every other thought, because they would be on to you, and see it? For instance, someone who has nothing to lose… who could easily mess up your train of thought, being psychologically inclined to do so? Such as constantly saying things to hold you to single trains of thought, in order to control you, as simple minded enough for them to, by accepting you, when you believe like they say they do?

For instance, the whole point being, someone trying to tell you (and everyone else) not to read anything into things, because it seems paranoid, is probably highly criminalized, doing things that they don’t want to understand why they do them, and so they can get away with more small details, etc. Because you would be safer? Because it is not your job? Since when is not reading things into what happens to you, being safer for you? What you are going to lay off picking on me for a while, so I won’t connect the dots? Or so that I can prove the dots connect up?

How is it ever safer for anybody, if someone innocent has to pay for someone else’s ‘fun’? How is it safer for me, when it is just a delay or a matter of time? Where the delay benefits the perpetrator, not the one who is trusting the perpetrator. Where the proof is not obtained in the proper amount of time, or timely, and evidence is destroyed, to prevent discovery? Where you have to spend all your time rewriting the damage that they have done, if not just in your own mind, but others too, who have treated you accordingly to the set ups that the perpetrator has escaped scot free, due to societal influences, that he or she slithered under or around to get to their illegally gained destination. Even if it was without intent to be there, many were played for a fool by taking such a path, and not taking responsibility for what they had done, but made it easier for others to do same thing.


If you don’t have time to check it out, by reading something into it, and it is your job, delegate it (teach it) to someone who does. If something questionable happens, it warrants investigation of those involved.

Also racist is a card that is played so much, like an ace, but you run out of the cards (only 4) and it is like saying you don’t like someone because they are unfaithful. Find the proof someone is illegal first.


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