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Legacy of the saints part 2, The earth is growing Part 2

The earth is growing, brought to you by virtue of common sense. People own property that is pizza shaped, and every year it gets bigger or expands because of new growth.

Think about it, trees shed leaves, branches die hay multiplies by seed every year 1 acre of land if you mulch and don’t burn it grows to a hill or a pile, if you rake it up. If every yard does that, the earth grows, old cement roads crack. The new growth creates more water, feeds the animals, the animals go back to the earth, etc. etc.

So in in a sense, your property grows every year, unless you pile all the mulch in the center, or send it off or burn it.

That is why, the minute you get property, you should divide it off, by fence, to prevent property battles. If someone burns their wood, has no trees or grass, only sand or concrete, it is their own fault, and those before them, if their land does not get wider. And sinks down.


The earth is same shape as the moon and sun. What made me think of it is, if you buy property, your rights go to the sky, tree height and to center of earth, but that is lacking, if you don’t consider the ‘pizza effect’. Or that the earth is growing. What you start out with, your heirs will not likely end with.

It only goes to prove, there are consequences to truly cruel acts. If you kill my trees, you are costing me more you know! More than all the yard watering or the trees and bushes I bought. (Your crime might go down in history, but whatever I did, to cause you to do it, won’t, and your rights will never be vindicated! Hah!

Dont burn ANYTHING. It is not a better choice, even after ☠️…. if you want there to be room on the earth for growing populations to evolve naturally, the earth has to be able to grow, more naturally. Future generations say you owe them that right!


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