If you are socialized by someone, who needs a doormat, will you be one? Blame the parent or the child?

Just because you are being mean, it does not mean you are being any better than a doormat. If you are acting like a doormat about the insignificant things, taking a stand, about not helping about important things is worse, and it is not love.
Small priorities handled makes you a doormat or is it just them trying to throw you off course, where it could lead to big priorities neglected?

Socializing you to be a doormat sounds like a personal agenda. Using propaganda, for negative results, like to get bad bills passed, sounds like personal agendas, not the common good, such as, ‘we should be allowed to smoke, because we aren’t directly killing anyone.’ WRONG!

It’s all about love… everything.  If that means seeming like a doormat, so be it. 🍒😍

Let all that you do be done in love. I Corinthians 16:14