Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

We can’t move on, to be more productive, because you can’t get past your offer. Maybe you should save your offer, for when it will be more advantageous for you. We are not ready for your offer? Because we have priorities that supersede your offer. You would have to make a more important binding offer or save it!

We can’t move on, because you spend AlL your money and time on harassing advertising, to what, get your foot in the door, to do white collar crime? for what 10 cents on the dollar? That in itself is very suspicious. Because before that would say you had me at hello.

Like who has the time to even respond💦👩🏻‍💻 if you are all doing it? Much less, do it to somebody else? There is another thing suspicious, and it’s probably related to access for power or control and is not money related, more like you are after reeling in a big fish, which again white collar crime. (You think everyone is doing it, but they might not be.)

You are not really doing a job, by constantly spamming someone; you are doing a crime. If you have something important to say, in a newsletter, I doubt it. Because in a sense, you want somebody to be making all the money and spend it all on email propaganda creators?