Anti-sadism, Good timing, Negative energy, Remote assault

Cancer causers (promoters) 😡

Cancer causers ruck up every rucking second. And probably proud of it. 😏 promoting negative behaviors as IF unbeknownst to?

They do not have good timing or think that every second counts. (Much less every day) So no second counts with them as important memorable, or to be found in any good memory of the future.accept as painful and insulting as if it’s target practice time.

So what you think you should be paid for it? What like to solidly your fate as needing to be bullet ridden? Would you really want that kind of payback? (Some high price you THINK you won’t be paying, by attempting to destroy the multitudes?)

As if anybody or everybody you know or audience deserves to feel like they have been shot? What as a carry over? (Sin motivated by …. guess). To increase negative potential and decrease positive potential because why? you think you are ahead of the game or it will make you be.? Don’t think so, because that is not being above reproach which is what you should be concerned about being,every second of the day, or at least every second you are in the public eye.

Talk about hypocrites. It’s called trying to make high po- cry- it-out.

And good morning to you too bitch. NOT!

If you can’t do it one-on-one, you can’t one with a hundred. And you cannot blame on the person or people you target if it comes from within you and how you handle matters minute by minute.

If you dont appreciate the position you are in, then get the eff out and don’t come back, esp. temporarily. (With reasoning no one important would watch you at this particular moment in time?) that may be so, but you practice it, or lack total self control! So don’t call yourself important again, enough to consider your more important than a multitude (social advantage) lot to be paid for it (as if your expert bad timing has some merit).

Sick, me or you? Then you need to be sued off your platform, subjected to your own treatment day in and day out., cause there is no fair trade going down anyways. Cause your vanity will do it and see your ugly making will make you ugly, via vanity’s lack of self control. It is not a matter of return to the scene of the crime, but return to the seat of the crime. What comes around goes around and Thus you cannot mean and beautiful. (Not deserving to be trusted doing a walk in the wild so fatness will overcome you.) until the balance is returned, if external safety is for the trustworthy, NOT YOU!

Maybe, if there ever was a next time, you would find it in your heart to appreciate it? For your own sake, if nothing else? Yea fat chance because you think you give the second chances like an egotistical maniac.

And don’t you dare say you support some fight against cancer, by adding to the problem.

What a way to ruin a perfectly good day, for one sadistical moment, thus a perfectly future chance, to get closer, unless someone is stupid enough to trust you.

There is millions that don’t do that (just because you haven’t made them a star doesn’t mean they don’t exist!)

You should never judge the world by a ‘slew of killers’ and become one, unless it is as their adversary, even then, eff off.

That is rather than trust the patience of the world)

Rather than signs if someone has cancer but rather do they have contact with cancer causers?

– Does it show that you cause cancer?

– Is it heard how you cause cancer?

– Do you smell like you would cause cancer?

– Is it a serious problem that you cannot control Or stop or change?

Song.. stepping out over the line.. BORN TO RUN /

You must think you are God, and that there will be no retribution. But you are not, because God would not have to do that, and there is always retribution, karma, pay back is a bitch, even naturally, there is consequences, because you will quit hiding it and defending it, because you are not immortal or apparently a chosen one. (Not that you couldn’t have tried to be and gotten a whole lot further.)

The ridiculousness is in what you did it for not whether I (the victim) can recreate, by mere explanation.

No one can afford to make up for being that stupid and that is why we have laws! They do not pay YOUR health care costs, that you expect to include an education, on top of any other education, when you won’t obey anyways (learn your lesson)?

It is not cute and still won’t compute!


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