You make a scam out of everything- Understand this: You are not going to make it a priority to prevent my cancer? I am certainly not going to make it a priority to pay for it!
But you make it a priority to offer, a seasonal item, on sale, but not have any in stock? Then charge double, not deliver on time, in the season of priority need, and then when you do, when it is not being used, you switch it out for broken ones? As if people would appreciate being used to prove a negative point?

Where you may excel in resolving emergency issues, you don’t excell in prevention? Thus it will still all fall apart, so you are wasting your time, if you don’t excel at prevention, such as NOT SMOKING anything. You are not going to excel at preventing my cancer because you are not excelling at your own, thus you will be resentful, and we cannot have that.

Most people may not appreciate it if you think you go against ‘the natural order of things’. For example knowing the consequences of something, because of the natural order of things, you do it anyways, could be cruel, thoughtless, suicidal, etc. if not outright stupid.

You should learn to obey ‘life’, before thinking it will reward you, as it is the natural order of things.

  • If you keep disobeying the rules of life and health, it is only natural that you will quit being rewarded with health. It is not you being pushed off a cliff, but you jumping off it.

To get something you have got to give something. Halt production and commerce and torturous use of tobacco. Amen.

Get on the same page:

Cancer is a train that is hard to stop. To get something, you have got to give something. To alternate crops is easier to do or accept the burden of responsibility and fault within in the chain of responsibility. Chain of responsibility being – Halt production and commerce and torturous use of tobacco. It is not legal to sell things that cause cancer, just because there are rules saying you can.

Eventually it all boils down to who is smoking?

You care about kids so much quit smoking around them. (You should have already been on that side, not expect payment to be on that side.)