When it is winter and everyone is wearing heavy clothes and blankets to keep warm, you have to reconsider deodorant options under your arms, as well as your feet, when wearing waterproof enclosed footwear.

If you neglect this, you will start to smell and swell.

Salt suspended in solution will kill every organization suspended in it, and for this reason, Epsom salts are added to baths or foot soaks, without a need for soap.

Salt is a cure, such as gargling with salt water will sometimes cure a sore throat, despite the dampness that prolongs and procures a worsening infection. Using a soap stone, you can lessen dampness and thus cure smelly feet and underarms the same way, and it is long lasting. Just rub a wet stone across and rinse it.
If you wet a salt stone, and rub it on your skin, it will absorb, kill all superficial bacteria, and will dry and tighten your skin. You do not want to use too much or on areas that are not at risk.
The great thing about a salt stone is that you can apply it to your skin even on sweaty areas and then rinse it off leaving no sweat residue.

Do not rinse the stone too long under running water or it will get jagged. Dipping it lightly in clean water would be enough, since you rinse it before use also.

After you use it, you will have to let it dry in a dry spot, such as a drained soap dish, so it won’t melt.

If it does get too rough for use, you can melt it in water and use it in the tub or a foot bath or put in s spray bottle.

If you want, you could increase the effectiveness with tea tree oil or lavender or some other essential oil diluted.

The cheapest, most natural guarantee against infection. Be careful of the drying effects on your hands, so do not use on the rest of your body, except where you have cuts or bug bites or acne or deep crevices if overweight.  It should also be the preferred choice, if you have ringworm, because it will disappear after 2 or 3 uses. You could safely use it behind ear to dry up and prevent ear infection. Also you should use it to stop rashes from sweat forming.

And then use a moisturizer, such as aloe Vera glycerine and or coconut oil.

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With this now it is safe to dance! With men without hats, not men without hearts!