Peace trumps humor, humor trumps violence, because violence is boring. Why? because it is nothing new with you!!!

If it is not a terror investigation, it is White collar crime- where you buy time, because your boss is getting fired first. It is a well supported hate crime /assault because can’t get close to do battery!

Common misconception to clarify next time you try to force YOUR PERSONALbelief on that not being violent.        $$ When it involves hurting others, physically, it’s considered violence, a violent crime.

Your timing is NEVER PERFECT. 🚪Bye.

Patronizing victims asking for help? Will get the job done? only if it is not delusional! Which it is, where the patronizer is delusional that can earn your keep as a defender of public. (Which means you have no right to carry a weapon) Because do not say ‘they don’t have money’, because they are getting it from somewhere to have extra for weapons, but not (booming) in appropriate places. (They are not doing it to make your job easier, the delusional part, so why patronize the one they are terrorizing as if it is a joke?)

Read this and you will see what I mean.

Some people lack the inner voice that tells them right from wrong, 🎭the angel on the shoulder. All they have is the devil on their shoulder.

What is negative shooting sounds?  (Remote assault- they don’t call them assault weapons for the fun of it).  In other words …. snipers with secret death wish! …Something you shouldn’t have bought into. You think it is spiritual warfare that you do it in? Yea where you are the loser. (Who wants to be the first to go to prison for remote assault? Any takers? Lots! They are usually right next door, the very place they shouldn’t be, costing the government a fortune! And setting a negative precedent by being a bad example of a human being!)

If they weren’t doing anything wrong, why do they stop when you call the police, so they can’t be located?

Do you appreciate having to spend all your time and $ to defend from onslaught of stressors? Advertisers etc?

You don’t get inner peace by taking it from others. You aren’t doing it to be forgiven for anything, ever again… Or to leave on good terms, at every junction in your

You are one big negative energy block and that is not productive to vital societal purposes.

Sacrificing your only heart, for an evil heart , with one flick, for one stupid CHANCE, in a pen of wolves and tigers souls, what are your chances? One stupid CHANCE! That is why no one remembers but the one who you did it too! Cool huh?What a jerk!

Same with your fishing talent, reel in with a jerk, a fish out of water, for a heart soon to die, in exchange for one CHANCE, like one hour… that you paid how much for? Haha

  • You paid not enough,in exchange for taking too much!
  • What the… that is not an equal equation or a meeting of the minds.

When you only pretend to shoot, anyone with a brain of any size, esp. reactive creatures, it hurts, and you have a split second to take cover. Your brain must be too big for freedom, for your own good, knowing how to kill, and not controlling or denying it! Cause so many situations, you did not take the right course, and the timing you have makes it totally apparent, because an evil heart is what you coveted and cornered to respond! Faster yea, in one minuute way only, causes an avalanche on you, which is stupider coming in you that you don’t ever see it coming. Won’t be ever forgotten, because you will be the course not taken, by any surviving healthy soul.

If you do not want to know what I think, stop wanting to hear my money. Because it is not death money, like you truckers like! I haven’t changed;it is still the same that ‘mean keep on fucking trucking’; that means keep on walking and don’t let the door stop you, all the way to China. There’s a shortcut, if you start digging.

It is not just because you don’t have 10 acres that you aren’t posed to shoot, but because you don’t have a ❤️ as reason to get 10. When you are not at a home you pay for, you don’t have any acres!!!

Simply put, they don’t put their idle hands to good use.

Proverbs 16:27-29Living Bible (TLB)

27 Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.[a]

28 An evil man sows strife; gossip separates the best of friends.

29 Wickedness loves company—and leads others into sin.

They have proof he came there and threatened them with a gun and caused them to make a lot of mistakes.

– Armed psychotic and threatening, is it ignored as fun disguised by fireworks? Assault is fun and it is a criminal offense when out of spite and to deprive of quality living, if can’t beat up? Even soldiers get off on Christmas (or get an even break)  but not your neighbors?

Because a drug head can easily get over on you, like who would they be shooting? People whose car they stole, when they don’t seem to be doing anything but shooting trespassing and collecting vehicles! No police surveillance, no killing is stopped or proved wasn’t someone on missing list with them. Implication simplication.

Hateful criminal type?
Their money will never work. If it came at all it was stolen from dead or sick animals or people, needs to be fixed, and gives no insight or vision, as it follows no dream only killed it, so it is of no use. Boxing themselves in not out, not making love, for or with money, but the opposite. Don’t fit them in your plans, they sure won’t be fitting you in!

Town pays $5k to woman because police terrorized her! So dont say there are not people who are  considered homeland terrorists!

Blondiee – One way or another?