The gender scam– insult⚔️ vulnerable⚔️ Make public ⚔️ Downgrade (in danger, all you have is at risk)

How men are using modern technology to victimize women, children, and animals (if it victimizes women, it victimizes whoever they support, as well):

  • Drugs, alcohol (old and new)
  • Gassing (stalking)
  • Automobile problems and housing problems that require their assistance.
  • Stalking by phone or internet apps illegal surveillance.
  • Luring into temptations like fattening food as doing the cooking as putting down healthy food or what women learned to cook to feed their families more healthfully.
  • Disabling financially trying to make seem unemployable or crazy.
  • Being very unsupportive and jealous of any support have.
  • Impregnating out of a permanent love relationship.
  • Trashing home area, by wasting time would have to clean.
  • Turning others against, like ruining ‘reputation’ even if had nothing to do with.
  • Trying to cause a resorting behavior or to settle for less than they deserve.
  • Medically related misdiagnosis and unnecessary surgeries.
  • The bare negative emotions they claim to not have! Except when it suits their purpose (no witnesses around)?
  • Wasting everyone’s time typically, like a detour from the truth, so everyone else suffers, a little bit or a lot.
  • Too hard to live with, without being on your guard, all hours of the day. And never ever does anything to regain trust, where falls short FIRST. Just one big joke? (Famous for repetitive torts, until someone turns them in, as not seeking out a cure or help for their issue.)
  • Setting women up, when they are tired of trying in the relationship. Like with a friend, as a reason to break up and put all blame on.
  • Smoking- is such an ignorant way to give someone ELSE cancer, other THAN intentionally (sneaky?) how dum do we have to be?

Teaching self defense is not good enough. Where is the social networks for women now that Oprah is gone? Maybe they should write a book ‘how to victimize someone from afar’! All in an attempt to make you lose your Christian demeanor?

No one needs an easy put down, when it is like you are trying to find someone to break into their back door! ‘Hey look this person is vulnerable, cause I made up an insult, so let’s break in their back door.‘ (So even if the issues are not all caused by men, they started it, and got help from other women, who wanted to earn their favor.)

All this takes time, as it is not like women show up with these issues. Thusly the men are not really earning anything, while they do it, or are using, potentially productive, time unproductively, wasting important resources, and then putting others down,  who still have theirs? Other than trying to set up to bilk out of all they have or the potential to have more?

As well as it could have taken the time to not be brought up or trained and encouraged to do it right.

Teaching self defense is not good enough. Where is the social networks for women now that Oprah is gone? Maybe they should write a book ‘how to  victimize someone from afar’!

Sometimes being mean and tough does not pay off, because you don’t ever think you have to change or get any better than you already are!

You may not be able to blame a man or men for everything, but you could choose not to roll with the negative changes but roll out of them. Whether forced or tricked is one thing to consider, but to be a woman does not have to mean accepting it willingly!

There is another ‘flow’ to go with. Find it, be it!

Don’t join their victimizing behavior or insult people for doing good, as if you are asking for trouble by doing so. (Like the bad saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.) If every good deed earned punishment, noone would ever get satisfaction from being a parent or giving to poor, having a pet, saving lives, etc. Civilization would not exist, as we know it. So shut up already with the sarcasm of trying to make nice feel guilty about it.. as if it is not worth it, like unconditional love.

Something survives always amidst the toil and strife…