Precious time

If you take the time …to do what you NEED to do, in order to DO what you need to do, WILL you have the time to do what you need to do?

Make the most of your real time, the now time, the ‘me’ time, the time where you can be your best, for the here and now.

ð       Not how you can be bad to survive.

ð       But how you can survive in a good way.

Not to pressure you, but your help, offer, other good, could become outdated. If it already is, real time is saying ‘get real, there is a new way in town, and accommodate, update, and stop doing the old way, before you get hurt.

ð       Such as bookkeeping is all computerized now and not done by hand.

ð       It goes for hunting… Food should not be obtained in that way, any more.  If you waste your gas and time to go to places to hunt, you do not have a job or too much free time or a home you are defending.

ð      Lotof travel is out. If you are saving your life, as you should be, do you really have the time? Your real job could be in jeopardy. Travel other than by foot, is not natural.

You only have here and now to be what you can be and make the most of it. It may get easier or it may get harder, but you want it to be the good life that gets easier don’t you? By being good?

ð       You cannot be afraid to be good.

ð       You will be looked up to for being good, no matter what others may say.

ð       You get more respect for having courage to do what is right, not the courage to be cruel. Even if they do not tell you to your face… ‘I respect you for that’, know that they do.

Real time carries over into memories, and forms the future, at least your own, as it has impact on others. The time to change your evil ways is now, every minute from now. It is never too late, while you are still alive.

What good you can do today, you should do today.  Tomorrow is another day and what is good for today might not be good for tomorrow, so the good you do has time value, if you do it on time, when you can. Do not put off good, when you could put off evil, instead.

What you do, in real time, is key to your trustworthiness, not what you promise to do, or say you will do, or someone else says you will do.

What is important to you today, funny to you today, cool to you today, may not be next week, so to miss out on being cruel or illegal, and do what you should be doing that is right, like play right, make friends, with the ones you know now, etc.

To save yourself today, while you are young enough to do it, as it may not get any easier.

ð       For instance, using good caution, safety, and self-care, to look good today, to rest on Sabbath, etc.

Let others see what a good person you are, today… Not, tomorrow or next week, as you show them bad side of you, now.  You, in a sense, defend your life, now, when you get a chance, by at least being good, so it is simpler, in the long run.

Being good establishes who you are.

ð       It is less likely you will let someone tear yourself down for it, knowing it is right, in your heart, and the good is firmly established.

ð       Whereas, the bad you do will always have to be reestablished, when you have to hide it, or it gets easily trashed, with nothing much to show for it, so it only makes your life harder.

ð       If someone else tears down good, wrongly, in which case, you at least have a defense, and they have nothing, if at your defense.

Real time is

ð       looking good now, or trying to, and

ð       getting with good friends now, or trying to,

ð       not helping bad friends be badder.

Being good, with your friends, shows you are worth staying good friends, and the same goes for family… If you want support, most people will only be supportive, if you are being good, together, not like Bonnie and Clyde.

Why would someone want YOU, who are bad, when there are plenty of people out there who are not so disenchanting?

ð       Are you being mean to someone, as your contribution, to what was a good contribution from others? You cannot take it back, and you cannot realistically make that person responsible, for your hatefulness.  If you are found out, you will not have a prayer.

ð       Were these others ones who were showing their appreciation, for all the support given?

ð       Did you do it, in order to ruin plans and dreams that were good?

ð       Did you realize it was making them wish you were not here and were not invited, as you would be, if you were locked up?  You most likely invited yourself, and do not deserve face time, in real time.

ð       If you do not like someone, mind your own business, and stop trying to piss everyone off at him or her. If you do not know how to earn people’s trust and support, it sure is not by ruining safety feelings, in real time.

Being prepared to show yourself, good and worthy, to others, and doing reality checks, like on the defensive, is not something you can do simultaneously, in real time. That is hard enough… So why waste your time on being bad, like to putting others on the defensive? If you do, you will not have much left to show for it, either, in the long run.

Will we ever know our destiny? ‘can we ever change our destiny?’ We will never know, if we don’t try for the better, or our fate may get us.

Escaping bad raps … “I’m not the girl you want to accuse me of… ” is only a defense if it is true, and you have not accepted a bad rap. The defense of change only can go so far as the sooner you change, the more power you will have to prevent false illusion.  Otherwise the accusation has stronger has merit.


Accepting and adapting to who and what you are, that you cannot ever change naturally or sanely, comes first, such as your gender, your hair color, your age etc. Then you might have time to be making the most of what your given to control your relationship with – your family, your home, your job, your school, your own health.