Because I would be ‘bratting zero’!

For one thing, they will always be having the fear of arrest and will probably be trying to displace it on you.

Next you may have learned, it is better to surround yourself with love, but if they are sacrificing the lives around you, for fulfillment, or to fit in and take their place, then you no longer have the love you surrounded yourself with, and that does not mean they love you or will even try to fit the bill. And they are probably transient, because they give up too easily on love. When you want your safe love to be safe, will it be with someone untrustworthy, such as this? NO. Give them a chance to prove otherwise? NO. They are already proving there is no desire to be trustworthy, except by force, and that is not trustworthy.

Undesirable degenerate? Freeloading off neighbor?

Why do they think they are desire able?and would get away with it if they got caught?

(ungenerate their future social security they aren’t working for the good of society)(because it takes extra manpower to undue the damage they are causing)
My Definition of a degenerate –

Steal my receipts

Then steal my food, so I can’t prove to myself what I bought. (I am not a neighbor grocery store.)

Then they make me need to buy things again , at which point they get in and steal something else, when I leave. (ESP coffee and cream- I assume they prefer to steal from people who are ‘out of it’.)

Also they are doing the store a favor, if I don’t have a receipt and have to return something, because then they will only give me store credit, and make it look like I am the one who is stealing things and returning without a receipt.

Whether their lacking happened before they got here, after they got here, or is the reason for them being here, I have no idea. Is it their job, like to keep from having to be a sex slave? That they would not be mean to me, under normal circumstances.

Who is being mean are the police for not getting to the bottom of it or being the root cause!

Then there are the kinds responsible, who expect you to record and computerize everything, even when you don’t have time. So THEY can steal the control, steal the receipts anyways, or give them back, and say see it is YOUR mind that is slipping, not mine for being a degenerate in the first place. And so they can say you wasted your money and time trying to computerize it.

Weird how penniless freeloaders think they are the boss or are going to be if they keep up the bad work.
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