Is the inhumanity my fault, because I didn’t publicly declare it?
Another issue punishment vs. hospice

Okay if you commit a capital crime of great proportion to a person(s)…

– you get what, lethal injection?

– Electric chair?

– Gas chamber?

  • But… If you go to hospice and say no life support and you are terminal, you get no fast relief.

If you are a wanted criminal, you may get immediate termination, and no one is allowed to torture you;

  • But if you are the hunted, you are allowed to be inhumanely treated, without ever guarantee of justice, and even if the law does catch you, there will still never be true justice.

So don’t say you ‘balance the scales ever!’
Or that you are being more humane, ever… Being that …

  • being molested is not ‘what a way to go’ saying to laugh about, when it’s a freaking animal, you bastard pervert!

So don’t even try to be in the same class as me, by virtue of singleness.

And don’t say you didn’t have someone smart enough to ASK, to advise you, and tell how to not do it wrong, and to do it right.

Is the crimes you are committing based on false or irrational beliefs? High standards? That you are more or less willing to jump off a cliff to get away from, because you prove, you are 10 times worse than?

You think you got a new job… to kill? It is not a new day earned, it is a lifetime lost, and only drawing you closer to being your last day. The ones who are trying to kill are the ones that make life always an emergency.

Too soon? Wouldn’t stop? Means unnecessary!

Don’t mistake illegality for insecurity or the lack of illegality for insecurity. Illegality for security 🚨 is a dead end. If you never learn that legality is security, your head games are a waste of time, because you cannot advance to the next grade, so don’t look to be in a class of people that expect you to learn it when hanging around someone illegal and defending them ? Ha!

To the authorities: The big killer keeps releasing the tiny killer, so I have to give you the big killer 🌲 first?

A new job? using time CHANCE and opportunity to save would be a new day earned….. In any land or language!

My commitment is not to reason with you in a mental health sense but to give up and LOCK YOU UP!

Once you do something really wrong against the wishes of one or more others of a group or in spite of any wishes that would not be unreasonable, then YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY LEVERAGE. (You have burned your bridge.) It is like spending every cent you had, with no hopes of ever getting any more where that came from!

What, you get to kill the innocence of the opposition, without consequence or paying for redemption? FAT FUCKING CHANCE. You don’t care, because all you care about is getting to be the one that kills? But you forget, there is always a third party. There is always someone who can intervene what you have done or wanted to do, and not taken either side. You are not alone in this world and no cause of action that hurts another is justifiable, without a trial and jury. And I doubt you will find one who will condone your line of thinking in multiple cases.

So we come to the end of the line, where the issue is this: how to prevent someone ignorant from killing you, because if you are being ignorant enough to cause or force someone to be on the defensive saying ‘its kill or be killed?’ That is the Biggest clue you would do it again or have done it before, and proof is this, because you would think you would win, as if you had to, and would do it, so you need to be locked up, until you can find the answer to not do it.

You should be Locked up until you find your OWN answer as to why you shouldn’t have to kill or be killed, and pass the test, provided to the parole board; Because apparently, when then there is inhumanity involved, someone else’s humane reasoning or spiritual devotions is not EVER GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU! It’s called wasted breath!

Unless you accept that some things you don’t have a right to self expression about, like when it involves violating the rights of others to the point of death!

And contrary to popular ignorance, you don’t have the right to practice on animals, until you figure it out and get a fucking heart ❤️, in a universal sense! (Not a heart just for a few people temporarily in your life, possibly only earned by trickery,  bribes, or desperation.)

Good vibes is also about not having to find evidence of foul play on your property that is your responsibility to prosecute, when you don’t have the time, the money, and witnesses.

Videos did disappear on facebook, because 3 videos didn’t allow upload, as evidence of someone getting blood all over the path, where whoever trespassed on my property, in order to collect a kill. That is not cool at all!

I don’t have time or money to build a fortress to keep someone like them out. NOONE DOES!

What, they think they have the money to get of jail? And to pay the punitive damages for the harassment lawsuit? Which is essentially harassing me AND THE POLICE?

When they pay all they have, and anything they get, then I would have money, at least more than them, and I wouldn’t have to live next door to them or in the same neighborhood, as a conditional ‘cease and desist of pursuit to stalk of something none of your business‘, to protect all life on this property .. as you are constantly in violation of violating a single person’s property!

Beyond protection order…because being short a million dollars is not a little money, if having to pay full time security against you, including equipment? As I am asking that it should be more severe punishment against you for that reason, when you are BUSTED! Taking of advantage of flaws in system is going to be to your biggest detriment for not helping fix it!

NOONE HAS THE MEANS TO SATISFY THE LAW, IN THIS RESPECT, SO EVERYONE SHOULD GET TO LOCK YOU UP, WITHOUT ‘ABSOLUTE PROVABLE EVIDENCE’ AND YOU CAN PROVE IT, IF YOU HAVE SO MUCH MONEY AND FREE TIME TO CHECK ME OUT! $$$ just because someone paid someone else once, to hunt there.. doesn’t mean they can come back again free, or that they once owned the property and they didn’t pay the REAL justified legal OWNER, and they can pay for the most expensive drones, with all the bells and whistles, because of that alone. …

That is just a girl? You don’t have to be humane when a girl is or because you are not a girl? That is effing sexist for a man to say or even frisking with another man, in strategizing on how to be. If you don’t know how to be humane in a ‘manly’ way, without strategizing, you have problem.

With no warning at all, criminals always put the experience (cart) before the lesson (horse), and force you to go through it. Why would you be on their side, ever ?