Is that more important than an ‘officer of the law?’  Oh is it a sparring match, where it is police misconduct vs. attorney misconduct?

If anything consistent, some people are consistently mean… Meaning consistently break or challenge the rules, esp. The same ones that is like a loophole to harass someone without getting in trouble for it, YET. Consistency guarantees there are witnesses who know who you are, who are also in danger.Maximum harassment deserves maximum penalty due! Can you prove otherwise with your effort expended on denial?

I called the police on someone shooting repeatedly a street over, which is not ten miles from any direction (property requirement to hunt). Also there is no shooting range anywhere near.

What do they think they are shooting, an imaginary person in the sky? At war with theirselves? There is no legal explanation, only a mentally ill one. It being only one person means it is a personal problem. Unrequited guilt over the weekend’s animal sacrifice, ready to be a human sacrifice?

If you report are you damned if you do Or damned if you don’t?

I am not arguing again with their latest police recruit about it, as they do not have the right to dispense legal judgements and not enforce the law. They dispense the same legal advice, ‘call us back if they come on your property’. What am I supposed to say, ‘I will be expecting you crazy Laura’, And wait up all night? With my Bullet proof vest on by the door, listening for unexpected visitors (trespassers)? Is their failure to acknowledge, a consistent complaint that is warranted, my breach of duty?

Moral- The idea being to prove to them what they have been proving, once you put someone down, anyone can be able to put them down. (Their own brand of harassment.) Have at it people!

jeopardy  it is, is it…

  • How to be fired, before you find it in your heart to get it right.
  • How to be fired for animal torture, without even trying or touching them.
  • Fatal attempts to make reports of gun threats seem frivolous and unimportant.
  • Warning, leave her alone and mind your own business, we are armed, too.
  • How to divert the law, so you can shoot in the window, but a Tv is in the way.
  • How to get a whole neighborhood of control freaks riled up.
  • Slam dunk, right on all counts, all of the above.

Illegal or mean people may seem smart to you, at first, but only because teaching ‘giving’ everyone a ‘lesson the hard way’ that didn’t consider legal.

Another unwanted departure from legal studies set in stone.

When someone brings an issue on high, that is the time to have the answers, and do your job that is relevant, not to allow it to continue, in a wrong direction. To rescue yes and not say ‘not’ your job or to feel afraid or succumb! To deny the wrong path, even if there is no other way yet is right, not to bring our deepest fears to light or to do what anyone would fear the most! Do your job not to allow the victimization to defeat anyone and let them win. Do your job, otherwise someone else will!