Can’t resist the temptation to HACK? And then saying ‘she owes us’, and give it away free, like a cow? I will prove it, hook, line, and sinker, stinker.

FRIVOLOUS IS A CHARGE that is more than unethical.

If you are causing things to be repetitive for your own personal benefit, it is frivolous.

  • when it is not backing up,
  • when it is not informing of repeat to backup,
  • when doing on opposing (counsel) s time
  • such as creating about 50 of the same documents, to hide the true updated one from the author of it, or the student who is doing the work for free or having to pay to do it.

It does not make for good relationships between student and teacher or writer or editor, and you will be subject to punishment or sanction, not sanctuary for it.

and…. you are the imposing OPPOSER!

Shame, shame you put to shame, when you tried to defame. Thus another claim all these errors and whose to blame?

(If you are going to keep on being heartless, a hack attack could easily turn into a heart attack.)

shy·ster- a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods in business.

The difference between the original writer and the hacker? The hacker won’t get a ‘comeback’, as they never had the real motivation.

And having a hacker is like having a predatorial pest control problem, a hacker is the ‘kill’. You should have stayed with bugging a bully who is too stupid to get rid of you all the way. You will be abandoned, if have to move, or end up in a trash site, with the inability to recover, rather than respecting and not trying to alter or delay saving grace that exists no thanks to you.

Hacking like they are part of the team and you have the right, but not treating them like a respected member of the team? Where does that put us? Opposite sides. You could have been so much more than a low life.

Is it greed? Lack of training in early stages of your life? That makes people spend their time to hack? Wrong Motivation does not explain anything.