Per chance to dream, per chance to dance, per chance to deliver?

Is it a vegan thing? It is when you go vegan to save money, and they keep on you like stink on poop! (Predatory lending) in more ways than one.

You brag that you don’t borrow or need credit, but yet you live more frivolously than any borrower, as well as work less? Because how did you make that money that was above and beyond the call of duty? Put someone out of misery after collecting unearned money they earned? How is that not borrowing just because they are not represented with s life to collect it back?

Or when you don’t know how to make money (food) without killing.  Killing is not sustainable living. The money runs out fast! And you are due credit for it? Not, unless it is to be killed as a payback!

And good luck on finding sympathy or charity, when the money runs out, and not getting caught, when you try to repeat the process… what no honor or memorial or regret or sympathy enough to find a better way? The only way to know the truth is to abstain from death in all aspects of your life!

Timothy 4: 1Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. 4For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: 5for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

Why is harassment, of credit due, a crime? Because .. If so… They also do it to cause, intentional or unintentionally, like thoughtless neglect, the following ….

  • *#Have you ever noticed, when you had been given credit, it might have been because they wouldn’t take no for an answer, or pushed all these ideas on you, as to why you need something (how embarrassing for who, you?), as if you need the attention, then drop you like a hot potato?
  • *$They act jealous about money you spent on yourself, rather than pay them, jealous about essentials you think are important, but that they don’t, because they would sacrifice to pay something, like health wise.
  • *%You probably will start to think it is giving, whoever else crosses your path, an excuse to also harass you, or they hire help, with money they borrow against you? (Hire or barter with a harass man or let’s do a favor, for money owe, also.)
  • % You may avoid buying food and other essentials, to pay them, to get them off your back.
  • *You don’t know who it is, you are borrowing from, and what they are capable of.
  • *They ruin your credit report or threaten to.
  • #They cause disputes about things you don’t even owe. You have to quit what you are doing and prove you don’t owe it.
  • $#% they create a scam to make you or others think you owe it, so that if something happens to you, they will be able to try to get that money from the estate. (beginning with auto scams)
  • #They don’t mind their own business, and even so, they don’t have sympathy.
  • *They make you feel like you don’t have a friend in the world. You feel bullied or preyed upon, with no one in your corner.
  • $#%They are not truthful and charge your card wrong amounts.
  • $#They may begin to practice on small amounts, like $1.00, $5.00, $25.00, and then they are in the game. You have to file claims with your bank all the time or just let it slide.
  • $#%They think they can charge whatever late fees or interest they want.
  • $After you pay them, they don’t show it on the credit report or add it the following year as still owed.
  • $#You don’t get a statement (because you paid them?), but it shows on credit report, when quit harassing, years later, for no apparent reason? They are the only one, out of all the ones from that long ago, you didn’t pay?
  • % It is not a relaxed arrangement, as they might lead you to initially believe, but one of extreme peril to get your money not owed them, like to pay for their effort expended to harass you and teach you a lesson!
  • *Due to less time and money and more pursuit of legal help, it will cause self-neglect, in some areas? Time management issues?
  • Usually it isn’t until you have the money to cover what they say you owe, will you even have the bargaining power to say you don’t owe what they erroneously are touting off to everyone that you owe, if so. Because then you can call their bluff.
  • $ advance fees- fees that you have on money you borrow to pay bills you owe, so you don’t get late fees or to pay for repairs or debugging costs that they gave you for being late.
  • It is called- Abuse of access -because whatever kind of authority they think they have is not a given by me, just an abuse of opportunity and a test of trust, that they failed.
  • *If you can’t beat them join them, thinking like them you can do it, if you are only ‘practicing’ to be legal? That is called ILLEGAL! There is no pretending to be legal, either you are or you aren’t.
  • *If they the lender be, why the effort to give anyone any money, like begging you to take it? to do this, as the ultimate outcome? Because they are like ‘I am in the driver seat, and can have too high expectations from you, unrealistic, unreasonable, etc. because you trusted me not to.’ Like what that they trusted you to put up with their unfair advantage taking, one-sided inside info. On you, if you don’t pay late, unfair interest rates, etc.?
  • Are they qualified to give anyone credit, see or have access to anyone’s financial records, or apply changes, payments, etc. to anyone’s accounts? when it should say to them .. access denied, even if they are not hacking? (Do you intend to make me prove it and not charge YOU? as if it is not a ‘given’?)
  • It becomes predatory lending (a white collar crime) the minute it is borrowed, unless it is like Home shopping Network where the payments are split up and there is no interest or late fee.


#= time you have to research how and why it is such a real issue?

$= money you have to pay extra, beyond what you really owed.

% =is it a big percentage of the issue you are having with the your credit? are they getting a percentage, like are they in cahoots or involved with someone else?

*= affects you more so personally, or socially, more than anything?

Should you name it something like illegal tricks of the ‘credit’ trade?

I was once in the credit business. Am I supposed to be living proof of why you shouldn’t work in the consumer credit business, even as a vegan (who didn’t cause any beef)? (but still reduced to a cartoon, lol)  Why I won’t fight for them anymore either, they seem to have the time to waste… Zzzzz A bit of wisdom, if you really want to earn something, stop ‘bringing fire to the table’. (It isn’t always your birthday. Lol)

Yes, you may intend to question (fatal error of a devil’s advocate ?) why someone owes so little, but do you ever intend to question that maybe someone does not owe that much as they say they do? (Only because all time is going to battle them for saying they owe them undeservedly.)

Another time robber…. So that you have no time to make money the way you are trained, so you need to make money suing them… And that’s the way you do it. Money for nothing, from someone who is no one.

If it’s not an insult to everyone concerned, you must deserve it! It is like can’t they do anything, without making you feel violated?

When your stalker-enemy has the ones your supposedly getting help from, in their back pocket, you know you need new help.

Watch out what your pictures say about you, when they don’t know the whole story! You may not have control over your associations, but you do over yourself! Such as what? Lack of remorse or guilt for something that is basically wrong? Why? Because I would be considering being concerned with ‘credit where credit is due!’

Also… If you do something for someone, free, with the intentions of Obligating that someone, it doesn’t work, if you lose your brain cells from smoking and they do because of stress mixup. They won’t feel obligated, and you won’t prove it.

Serenity prayer – used to be in house of My mom…

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Reinhold Niebuhr

Applied to money…

God grant me the serenity to give up the things I cannot afford, and not charge for jobs not qualified to do, the courage to pay for the things I can, and to excell at the jobs I can do, and the wisdom to know the difference, and set the record straight.

Money is too slow for a life in society that progresses too fast and wants more than before.

(Unethicalness or unfairness could merely be a lack of money or time (lack of help or support) to remedy the situation, not purposeful intent of keeping it a long standing situation.)

Is the moral of the story, when money talks,  you can’t let them do the talking or the training?

Common misconception- you may have to clarify next time you force belief on that you are not being violent…
When it involves hurting others, it is ultimately considered violence.

For instance: Corporate violence can be pollution in that it that hurts animals, people, or even plants that can indirectly hurt any of these.

See also enterprising birdheads

And bee-ills you are getting it all back, to spend in the wrong way…. because you won’t listen to reason and think only you can have money or bargaining power, to what, promote wastefulness? And not let anyone else ‘save’ YOU? More power to you right? (I know I am not the only person in the world who has to deal with you.) but …
I’m not ‘spinning my wheels’ they are, to break my heart! Now, it is called being a ‘victim in common’!
What led to this almost tragedy? Predatory lending FOR REAL! You know how people like play on words! 😡 (Thinking have a right to try to kill for money back on demand -early.)

It is really my money, if you killed the one I gave it to, saying they didn’t deserve it, and then made me borrow it, meanwhile losing what chance I had paid for, but to look like I have credit, and charge me high interest on it, only if I spent on property that would be able to kill me for? Bottom line, it is my money and YOU OWE ME and whoever family you stole it from. 😡