Another sign of the passing of the guard, to be a dream killer?

What does that mean? Not good.  It means someone else has gotten away with taking something good from the world, that was only intended to bring us to safety.

You leave your post for one minute, it can happen, but only because bad is accepted or ignored, or given into, due to harassment, bullying, threats, etc.

Why, because what goes around comes around? No. It is called a super  unappreciative following or someone trying to steal your job (what you are good at) when you are not looking.

Oh and what, when you go back to doing your job, when THEY aren’t looking, they are looking, and they alert the media?

They are the guard killers.

A property takeover scam? Neighbors who are not neighbors, but are getting in on the deal…

It is like,  if you want the property so bad, put up or shut up! But you are not getting the current people harassing as your permanent martyrs of victims!

You got another excuse for cruising the neighborhood? I’d like to hear it.

– armed and dangerous? Armed and crazier? Maybe. Coupled with harassment against someone else’s conviction to survive?

– armed and wittier? I doubt it!

I could understand you not wanting to do something, like prepare a will for yourself, but I cannot understand why you won’t do something for yourself healthwise, or try to be friends with others, ESP. your neighbors and not do things to them they don’t like!

Go to ⭐️ Starbucks for your coffee, because you are not really doing anything helpful around house 🏡 to get home 🏡 brew.

Once someone is unfaithful, they are unfaithful for life … they let the stranger in.

When you have to put the focus on strategies to escape, for your own escape, is it ‘bad guys‘ getting to escape -again?

Once you start burning your stairway to the elite (what they love) and your bridges, you can only go down. You cannot go up or across.

Yea just throw it all away and make someone else pay it. No more breaks for you.

Hate and go; ruin a piece of heart as consolation? Just goes to show you why bully’s (and bullies-in-training) should not get access or close proximity to the living!

Who comes to a bully’s aid? Who does that? You must know that is what he is doing, bullying. Who knew? Who could possibly know? Trespasser that’s who!One of many to dish later.

You can’t believe in what you don’t believe in. That includes care for what you don’t care for. Like the ones who vote for you, who think you will, but you really don’t care for, because it goes against your nature.

Running from dream killers, to find more dream killers? They will still get the benefit of what you leave behind?

As bully dream killers go, you shouldn’t have ‘undone the job’, because you got paid all you are going to ever get. And now anything you got is considered fraudulently obtained, because you won’t have anything to show for what you did to get it. Undo the undo without getting caught?

It is a shame (not fair) that people have to learn to be police to enforce the law, and it is not fair that people have to study the law, to judge and carry out enforcement of the law… because of people like you who go against every rule or kind vulnerable nature.

Just another way to kill the original dreams someone has, and time to force YOU into a corner.