According to the grammarist

Wholistic is the philosophy that all parts of a thing are interconnected. In medicine, wholistic treatment is the treatment of a person as a whole, mind, body and social factors. Related words are wholism, wholistically. Wholistic appears in 1941 as a cross between holistic and whole.

Whoever phased out wholistic in exchange for holistic, must have had a holster, because of their insistence of applying it to medicine.

Wholistic originally was used in circulation to mean care that treats with the whole person in mind. In order to make a person whole, you have to consider more than just the physical, but the mental, spiritual, social, legal, financial, etc. I take it to also mean natural health, fitness, and beauty.

Wholistic moreso fits in with treating a person naturally, when considering the natural modalities that have mind, body, and spirit benefits.  We may imply using ‘wholefoods’, to make a person that is wholesome.  Wholistic is more the natural alternatives that keep a person well or whole. Wholistic is complementary modalities that complement each other to form a balanced plan that would be wholistic.

In other words, to go to a doctor who uses wholistic treatments or modalities, you are getting the benefits of 3 or 4 kinds of doctors, rather than 1 specialty.

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