Because of people with the ‘Craig’s list killer’ mentality, the ‘Craig’s list killers’

If you profile them.. (which you have to do testing trustworthiness).

  • They have an attitude, when leave out, like ‘negativity with intent to kill’, (road rage).
  • They do not respect people who care about others, who do yoga, massage, use plant based foods, and natural medicines. As if the information is given away free, when they have entered a zone of sharing, that they do not belong, called the deserved free world.
  • It is all like a joke or unreal to them, and to be healthy is not on their priority list, but to be warrior like on the bad side, forcing people to pole from one extreme or the other.
  • They will try to turn a positive thing into sexual experience, for the money, and then won’t pay, (like to bypass the pimp), or just a one-time thing?  Then they are on the warpath against all, as if they are too weak?  They are the ones who cannot be trusted, in an informal situation, where they lack respect anyways, as if it is a weakness to show you care, and they will use either enticements or force. (proof)
  • They may think they seem like peace loving, to get in the door, but you can hear them coming a mile away.
  • They may do drugs with others, under the guise of being hippie like, but they are only making the situation worse and out of control, when doing drugs, without consequences.
  • They have so little class, any kind of promotion or word of mouth advertising they might do, would make you look super bad to be associated with them.

When I first noticed these types of people come on the scene, I was not impressed.  Not being into yoga is one thing, but being all out humiliating, vulgar, disrespectful, threatening, and insulting is another. Why, the freaking heck, are you here, to make evidence? There is no chances or opportunities you are getting here.  Time changes a person, just as it changed you, to not be naive and vulnerable against you.

Is it your fault?

Offering a natural environment to work in, or be treated in, is nothing, if it is not safe.

  • And when you are locked up, for trying to go against the benefits of the natural environment, because I am here (you have crossed over the line), you will be getting charged punitive damages.
  • You cannot live in modern times and continue the crimes of the past, using modern technology, IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! It is not that new, to be SUBJECT TO crimes that old, to have to learn a lesson from such an awful dupe (you, duped into it by who?), who has problems out the kazoo. (duped into following bad examples, missing out on the good life has to offer.)
  • Where do you think you ‘live’ is what I want to know… what jurisdiction are you from?
  • Don’t even think you can connect peace loving hippies, with your drug atonic faces behind evil hearts.

As a basically unassuming posture, and in conclusion… it is a major social disability because of, as, or with unwelcome people, who are still free, trying to welcome themselves with negativity!

I keep thinking that something will change, to make it better or not be this way, but it won’t, if I have to change my stance on the matter. I don’t have to be everything to everyone, esp. what I don’t want to be or can’t even pull off.

No One  can be that mentally healthy against cruel and unsympathetic jerks, without alot of money, support, good transportation, and safe shelter from them.  It is just not FAIR OR REASONABLE.