If you want to lose weight, start now with heat detoxing strategies.

Walk or run a lot. Simple, but stay safe.

Go to yoga class. Do not wait to pay off bills, to get into shape, because that will never happen, but get into shape to pay off bills.

Work in your own yard.


Also, as you do any detox strategies such as a 3 day fast or cleanse, you should follow it with a 3 day healthy reset or rebuild of lost nutrients, rather than tend to overeat and gain back any weight lost.

Do not eat anything processed other than in your own blender during detox and reset.

Do not anything artificial including sugar and anything clogging like gluten and cheesy products.

3 day detox -Dr. Oz PDF

3 day reset – Dr. Oz JPG

Use nuts and seeds and plant based lecithin (soy or sunflower seeds 🌻) to get    your daily FAT quota. Instead of other fats not in addition.

Vegan choices is not a fad diet, although it is a possibly from a fad frame of mind, it usually becomes a chosen lifestyle.