(Unless it is good timing and there is still time.)

Everything or nothing is not an option. If you have life, you have everything! Read between the lines, like I do, and don’t lose ‘everything’!

Great times balance out the bad times and having a lot of normal times equals good enough times. Promising time, taking your time, stealing time, misusing time, giving everyone a bad time, etc. is the very reason time is not everything if not quality, minding own business, etc.

Everything you fight for, advocate, promote, expect to be able to continue doing, etc. can be taken away from you.  (You have to know whatever position you are in, you won’t have to be there forever, and should keep the goal of your good legacy in mind.)

It is the ones who can take it away from you, and who usually do, is who you should be concerned with.

For instance, sadists …who do it for the sake of doing it, and without a true or just right, or even deserved, beginning with taking your peace of mind?

  • They will upset the balance for effect. Drudge up past to haunt you, to discourage you, etc.
  • They won’t realize the error of their ways (take as complement?), and won’t let bygones be bygones!
  • The kind of people who make it confusing for Empaths, who feel their strength, but it is not a good sign as it comes from negative doings.
  • The kind who force progress, (from already hard enough working people) through no help or mercy of theirs.
  • The kind Who need to suffer, more than what they cause, in order to stop causing suffering at all! If they want everyone else to learn their lesson the hard way, shouldn’t they be required the same JUSTICE?
  • The kind whose agenda will give you great cause for concern! Who don’t mind their own business, and in effect don’t let you just mind your own business!
  • The kind that requires you to be smart, because they cannot be trusted, or are just using you, to get what they want from others, or to keep others from having what they want! (Who won’t let a kid be a kid.)
  • They reside in areas where they have the most power, and least resistance, nursing  homes, children’s access? Nature undeveloped? Where it is too late, after you realize what they did? Making you feel powerless?
  • (Having money or owing money does not make you a sadist, but killing who you owe money too does! If a sadist owes you money I feel sorry for you! You could be a sadist and not know it or intend to be?)

Is it only if you let them get to you? Are they committing a crime or being unethical? Will they make you get off balance, in your attempts to restore balance? Do they thrive off of always ‘hitting too close to home’?

No matter what sadists think, people are only ‘letting’ them, until they are tired of them as well!

You have to remember, you can feel health and strength, without sadists, and without the need to hurt others! It is important when seeking or imparting true justice!  (I know this only through resistance!)

Natural instincts is not all there is, when your brain is bigger than a pea, so don’t use it as an excuse.

Could you run a country, a business, a home, a life, if you cannot see the forest through the trees, in this aspect? You cannot be a sadist and get away with it, esp. Where it means taking away the rights, liberties, and privileges of others, as a general practice! It will be noticed.

Are we all going to become Sadists or masochists .. or in control?

Is there a fault line? Are they on the fault line to keep you off it? Or creating a fault line everywhere you go? Seems the latter!  And thus they will never afford this again! 

People may joke about it but may be serious … No one is ever really happy with their position or with others.

  • What do they do to sadists? Turn them into masochists for being mean.
  • What do they do to masochists? Turn them into sadists for being too nice.

Balance and timing is still everything.
Facing reality does not mean we have to negotiate it, accept it, pray about it, ignore it, fight it, forget about it, or flee?

There should be six ways to go from where you are (like star of David), and none of them should be in the favor of a sadist, yourself included!

Either way, if someone is forcing you to take action, they are the instigator of the action, not the choice you make, and should they accept the consequences as much, as you have to accept yours?

  • There is laws based on this very premise that you don’t take the law into your own hands, that ignorance is no excuse for not being considerate of others rights or causing someone to act, etc.

Know this: 
Maybe the sadists will learn something from this message, as well as those who aren’t sadists, but only that it is fixing to get harder for them, not easier!

Some things you don’t want people to read through the lines about! (As that is the way rules are.)

I am not a robot and I am not going to remember and hackers take away all benefits of having a computer.

As with anything, it helps to have someone who supports and understands and doesn’t discourage what helps. You need someone who is an ‘anti-sadist‘ who is into ‘anti-sadism’, not being or supporting self as being a masochist, by own choice.

An example starts out..

  • A scam when they are lying to you about the day, month, or year.
  • When they get money or and time to do some crazy stuff that you would never hear the end of it, if you did it. But it is to their detriment. By trick or force? Would they admit? As a way to turn them against you because it is like relief but if you were given the run of the place would be different relief or ‘turn-ons’?
  • So you are put to sleep or under a spell but they are put out of their misery by bad examples running the show instead of staying in prison.

Being behind leaves you no time for self? Is it a purposeful time robber tactic? Big dilemma in self help, where you for sure won’t be able to afford help.