Is it going to come to that, at every step of the road? If they insist on knowing something you feel is way to confidential.. Will you lie to get them off your butt? Where is the unethical behavior, the hounding to lie, or the lying, due to hounding? Isn’t an unethical lie by choice, more so than by duress?

All I know is… When there was no case … It was not for opposing counsel to decide! Denying safety to give the ‘shafty’. You better calm down, because I am sure not!

Is it always a confidential matter concerning those who want you to suffer, who won’t quit pursuing you in ways that they know hurt you and others? Who could help you by foregoing the hurt they cause?

But it is not confidential about those who do not hurt you, but fail to help you? Because you won’t let them or ask them?

If you call that candor to the tribunal, you are very confused.

Living under the premise… that all suffering and hurt can stop, if you can blame it on suicidal tendencies, but never address the cause? Like what drove them to it, if at all? What, they did it for, you? To make life easier on you? NO! All the suffering and medical meanness drove them to it! Making the suicidal way always only a temporary fix, when people like you are still free to act!

Not to mention how it is very important to hold funds, while they are being disputed, but not hold off on making an irreversible decision, regarding someone’s LIFE, when a life and death situation is being disputed?

By the time you realize someone’s ethics needs an overhaul, it is too late? Even though you didn’t make them the boss? By free spirited choice, the supposedly suicidal one did? Of course it was something you already knew, but no one would address it? So thus comes the consequences of playing favorites? Even a favorite cannot handle all the pressure put on them, with other pressures, and not set up for, trained for, or prepared for, thusly not able to be diligent or zealous in representing. 😓

Don’t just write it off as a minor detail. All crimes are proved by the smallest of detail!
Try to keep that confidential now!

In any case, you may use the defense that you cannot always predict the fault line, until after the fact, but when you can predict or assume it, then you should, as in what justifies all laws being preset?

Where ethics should be a requisite to work anywhere, have any money, live on your own or autonomously, etc.?

Where rights and privileges conflict there is dispute such as according to Diane Merriam

You have no right to something that has to be taken from another. You have no right to the services of another person, whether that’s in health care or anything else. You can ask or they can volunteer, but you don’t have a right to FORCE them to do something for you. There’s a simple word for that: slavery.

Even a privilege is something that is voluntarily given and can be withdrawn at any time.

A natural right is inherent in being a human being as a human being. The Constitution covered a lot of those explicitly and, via the 9th, implicitly. Even there, your rights stop at the end of someone else’s nose … or property line.

See also Rights vs. Privileges . Where a right taken away, because it is seen as a privilege, but really it is abuse of privilege to take away someone else’s rights. Is it Abuse of privilege of interpreting the law? (Who interprets the law according to the constitution?) The judicial system interprets the law, not individuals, so it is unauthorized practice of law to the highest degree? because not only are you trying to do a lawyers job, but you are trying to do a judge’s job, by acting on your interpretation, that you can take away another’s right without a fair trial, before it gets to that?

Do you lose your rights in reality, to confidentiality, when you go on medicare? When you see an attorney or psychiatrist, by virtue of seeing them in reality? And other rights, if they can get a hold of them? Where the illusion is of confidentiality and the reality is exposure!

Once someone is unfaithful, they are unfaithful for life … they let the stranger in.

If you were from another country, (astra her) and the translating was not very good, wouldn’t you think what they said did not make sense, so
– THEIR competency, you could not Vouch for,
– nor they YOURS, other than what they see, know for sure, and feel from you (VIBES), be they positive or negative.