I know I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me, in any case you pursue, you still have to pay the piper, before you can even say you really ‘didn’t owe the piper’. (You may have to pay them, before you can take it to court. You will have to suffer before you can charge them as wrong. And then what? Where is the sympathy, for them because you won’t forgive yet?)

For instance, if the piper stole that $, they let you borrow, from someone you had paid already, and said you owed them, and you lost the opportunity that you had paid for, and the piper was not really owed for what stole from, but is saying does. You have two mad people, and one looking at you for money you already paid, as if your responsibility to pay even one much less both.

It is okay for you to rob Peter, to pay Paul, (because you will eventually pay back Peter) but it is not okay for someone else, because it is seen as their get rich quick scheme. (They have no intention of paying you, Peter, or Paul).

Is it serious, where yours or someone else’s health is at stake? And getting even more serious, where the people mob you, after getting your job, as if they are ‘social somethings’ you earned or need, and yet it keeps your small time endeavors from becoming great? What’s it called when someone steals your information, (or training you paid for), and tries to sell it back to you, or confuse you with it, all out of order, using a ‘better than thou’ personae? They are called an enterprising birdhead!

Is it another case of someone trying to steal your soul, if they could? Prove it, right? What when I prove *untrustworthiness *abuse of position or authority? or is that a given?