Just know that whoever you are, your priorities are probably skewed! Society! Looking at these two extremes, is this longevity progress, society making concessions, or just socially disabling?

Lawsuits about drugs

Would a psychiatrist prescribe marijuana?
— lawsuits against prescribing marijuana – Google Search


(It should only be legalized in a state you would legally allow a naturopath Doctor to practice do too bad. It is an alternative therapy right?)

Drug lord?  chronology of psychotropic drug lawsuits

Why would someone in their right mind give someone else much less two someone else’s that drink and do drugs the power of attorney to their life decisions but not to someone who does not drink and drive and do drugs to escape reality? Like it is legal? But not to do the same to give keys or even ownership to driving a car under regular influences?

Has New York become a drug lord run state? Is it malpractice revenge?

States legal for marijuana 


Would a naturopathic Doctor prescribe marijuana? 
Naturopath Doctors do not get to be licensed to practice in very many states but marijuana sellers do?

Would you sue a Naturopath Doctor for NOT prescribing marijuana but would NOT sue a regular doctor?

Naturopathic Doctor Licensure

*What does the National Center for Complementary an Integrative Health have to say about it?

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